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Concrete Leveling 101

Concrete leveling refers to correcting uneven or sinking concrete slabs. This is done through a variety of methods that alter the foundation that is beneath the concrete surface. It is less expensive to level concrete than to remove and replace the slab. Concrete leveling can be used in residential, commercial, and municipal applications. Homes, warehouses,…

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agricultural building and polyjacking

Agricultural Concrete Floor Repair makes its home in Kansas City, right in the middle of the Heartland. This portion of the country is home to the majority of agriculture in the United States, so it makes sense that would be experts in taking care of the needs of agricultural buildings. There is a wide variety of soil in the…

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industrial concrete repair

Industrial Concrete Repair

In an industrial setting, time is important. Some methods of concrete repair can make it difficult or impossible for your employees to do their job. With polyjacking, the concrete repair can be done in a short amount of time, with little disruption to the workplace.  Concrete is a strong and durable material, but damage can…

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industrial concrete repair

Leveling a Floor with Polyjacking

The Polyjacking crew recently leveled floors at Phenix Label Company in Olathe, KS. This was the second time we have worked with this organization. The first time we lifted some aisles in their warehouse that had settled due to poor soil compaction. This time we worked in another area of their building that had also…

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polyjacking a bridge approach in Kansas

Polyjacking a Bridge Approach

The team at Pro Foundation Tech and recently completed a project lifting the slab on a bridge approach. The bridge is located in Butler County, Kansas. Below you can view a gallery of pictures from the project. Polyjacking has been used by DOTs all over the country for years. The success of the application,…

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concrete sealing protects your slab and your wallet

Residential and Commercial Concrete Sealing

Although concrete is one of the toughest materials around your home or business, it still needs care and maintenance. Sealing your concrete surface is a vital part of protecting your driveway, patio, or sidewalk. Winters in Kansas City, Minnesota, and the rest of the Midwest can cause your concrete surfaces to quickly deteriorate. Replacing concrete…

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polar coaster

Ready to Ride the Polar Coaster?

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the 2019/2020 winter will be a wild ride that they’ve named the Polar Coaster. The Almanac writers describe it this way: “[The] winter will be filled with so many ups and downs on the thermometer, it may remind you of a ‘Polar Coaster’.”  The weather forecasters at Farmer’s Almanac predicted…

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GPR to view under concrete

The Facts About GPR

GPR, or Ground Penetrating Radar, is a convenient and effective way to see what is going on underneath a concrete slab. In the past, if someone wanted to inspect underneath a concrete slab, they would have to either drill holes in it or break up the slab. Imaging technology has progressed over the years to…

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sunken steps

Steps Lift

Steps Lifting in Missouri The crew at recently lifted some steps in Missouri. The steps had sunk and were beginning to pull away from the rest of the home. This was not only unsightly but could be dangerous. Additionally, the crack in the steps could allow water to enter the foundation of the home. …

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