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apartment concrete floor repair for Kansas City and St. LouisAs an apartment owner, you are responsible for making sure your tenants and any of their guests are in a safe environment. If they are living in dangerous conditions where they can be injured, the owner can be held legally responsible. Before leasing an apartment unit, make sure to inspect the unit before renting it out. Apply a fresh coat of paint where it is needed, and check for any other signs of needed repairs. Several things to make sure to check are cracks in sidewalks, patios, basements, garages, and walkways. These areas need to be repaired before renting the apartment out to protect tenants and yourself.

The professionals at Polyjacking.com can level and underseal uneven concrete slabs. Our concrete leveling process uses high-density polyurethane products from NCFI. Polyurethane foam is injected through a 5/8″ hole, and then it cures in about 15 minutes, filling the voids, sealing the underside, and leveling the concrete. Because this method is fast and economical, it is the ideal fix for apartment concrete repair in Kansas City and other cities. As an apartment owner, the sooner any repairs are done, the better. After the foam is injected and the concrete is back to its proper level, the holes are filled and the site cleaned up.

We Repair Concrete Floors for Apartment Buildings

If your apartment has concrete slab floors that need repair, Polyjacking.com has the professionals and equipment to level and stabilize them. As soon as you notice concrete problems, get it repaired immediately so you can save money in the long run. Keeping it in good shape will keep your tenants safe and give you the peace of mind. Maintaining a safe apartment will keep tenants happy and give your apartments a good reputation.

If your apartment needs concrete repair in Kansas City, contact us for a free estimate.

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