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What is Foamjacking?

The Importance of Foamjacking in Kansas City

Foamjacking in St. Louis Kansas CityGroundwater, erosion, and soil decomposition can cause your foundation to break down and settle. If you notice your sidewalks, driveways, walkways, or patios require leveling, foamjacking is one of the best ways of achieving this. The life of your concrete structure is extended at a fraction of the cost of replacing these structures.

Foamjacking, also called polyjacking, is an economical repair process for fixing settled and unstable concrete. From small projects to big projects, foamjacking is economical, fast, and effective for correcting these settlement and instability issues.

How Does Foamjacking Work?

Foamjacking uses a polyurethane foam that is injected under the slab and this foam expands, immediately filling any voids under the surface of the slab, raising it back to a level position. A small 5/8” hole is drilled and special equipment is used to inject the high-density polyurethane foam. This is a cleaner process than most concrete leveling systems, such as mudjacking. The injection equipment is directly connected to the slab or structure and the seals engage when not injecting the material, so nothing spills onto the surface area. The drilling is mess-free due to the small size of the hole that is drilled. Polyurethane foam is also environmentally safe.

Because it is the quietest and fastest process for concrete leveling, this method of concrete repair is less disruptive. Vehicle and foot traffic can resume within 15 minutes after the foam is injected. Polyurethane foam is a lightweight material, only adding 3-5 pounds per cubic foot to the sub-base, therefore, it reduces the chances of resettlement of the underlying soils. Foamjacking, by using this high-density polyurethane foam, is waterproof so the treated area is thoroughly undersealed.

Foamjacking is a good solution for:

  • Large, heavy slabs
  • Areas where cleanliness is important
  • Sensitive or expensive surfaces
  • Load-sensitive areas
  • Isolated sites

Foamjacking Applications

  • Foamjacking concrete leveling Kansas City, polyjacking concrete leveling St. Louis, concrete leveling MissouriPavement Lifting/Leveling/Undersealing
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Infrastructure Repair
  • Void Filling
  • Road leveling
  • Airport Runway Leveling
  • Sidewalk Leveling
  • Abandoned Sewer Line Void Filling
  • Warehouse Floor Leveling
  • Manhole Leak Repair
  • Curb Leveling has been in business since 1978 and is family owned and operated. Our experts are experienced in high-density polyurethane concrete leveling. Because of its economical, fast, and effective method of leveling concrete, we recommend foamjacking for any of your concrete leveling needs. Contact us today for a free price quote.

Shopping Mall Floor Repair Options

Shopping Malls in Kansas City

Shopping mall floor repair in St. Louis and Kansas CityWhenever there is a big repair job needed in a shopping mall, the repair needs to be done with the least amount of disruption and as quickly as possible. Shopping malls are typically very large with a lot of foot traffic. Making sure mall floors are maintained properly is important. So, when a shopping mall requires floor repair and leveling, you want the best method to get the job done fast, economically, and effectively. has the ideal method to do this. We use a polyurethane foam that is injected through a 5/8” hole and cures in about 15 minutes, so there is little disruption and can be used as soon as the foam is cured.

Polyurethane foam is injected through a small 5/8” hole using our specialized system. The foam fills the voids beneath the mall’s concrete floors and expands the concrete back into its original position and is permanently stabilized. After the injection, the holes are filled and the site is cleaned up and there is little disruption to the mall employees and customers. has experienced professionals that can handle large projects such as shopping mall floor repair in Kansas City and other locations.

Concrete Leveling Options for Shopping Malls

The advantages of using polyurethane foam for shopping mall concrete floor repair in St. Louis and other areas are many. This method is cheaper than having to remove or replace the concrete and requires less equipment than other repair methods, such as mudjacking. It is also more efficient in terms of work time and curing time. The polyurethane hardens in about 15 minutes so the project is done in a very short time. There is no need to close the mall during this concrete floor repair and lifting. Polyurethane foam is not only strong but it is also pliable, making it tough and flexible. The high-density polyurethane foam expands 20 times its liquid volume to fill spaces and take up the shape and size of the voids. This material is lightweight, adding only 3-5 pounds per cubic foot to the mall’s sub-base compared to 100 pounds or more that mudjacking slurry may add. Polyurethane foam is also resistant to moisture so it won’t wash away or erode., a division of Pro Foundation Technology, has the experience and professionals to handle this method of concrete floor repair in St. Louis. Contact us today!

The Products We Use and Why

Polyurethane Concrete Repair Products

Polyurethane products for concrete repair in St. Louis and Kansas CityWhat products do we use to fix your concrete? For over three decades, has used polyurethane foam and the proper poly equipment to level basement floors, pool decks, and concrete slabs. Polyurethane foam has been tested to withstand the toughest conditions. It is economical and efficient because it is cheaper than removing and replacing existing concrete. It only takes a few hours for the project to be finished. There is no need for future repairs. The polyurethane foam creates a hydraulic lift that allows us to control the lifting process accurately within 10/1000th of an inch. The foam cures within 15 minutes of injection, so you won’t have to wait days for the foam to cure and you can get back to using the slab almost immediately.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Before we level your concrete, we have to make sure there are no underground voids and objects. We use a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). GPR is a signal software with a high-frequency radar antenna to locate underground voids and objects. It is also used to locate utilities, tension cables, tendons, and PVC cables before we start construction. You don’t want to damage any systems that may be located under the slab.

Advantages of Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is also less disruptive and more durable than other methods, such as mudjacking. Because the curing time is so fast, lanes on a highway can be reopened immediately after the injection process. Nighttime would be the best time of the day to complete this process to minimize disruptions to people that need to use the area. Polyurethane foam is also strong and tough. It is even strong enough for roadway structures. The foam expands beneath the pavement filling every shape and size of all voids.

Polyurethane is a moisture seal barrier, moisture resistant, and lightweight. Also, it offers compaction ability. The base material gets stronger due to the material flowing into the sub-base and combining with soil particles. We choose to use TerraThane™ product line from NCFI because you won’t find a better product on the market today.

Contact for fast, accurate, and honest service. We are your polyurethane concrete lifting team for places like Kansas City, St. Louis, Dallas, and more.

Polyurethane Concrete Leveling Advantages

Advantages of Polyurethane

Advantages of polyurethane for concrete leveling in Kansas City and St. LouisDo you have a concrete slab that needs leveling? It could be a residential job where the homeowner needs to lift a driveway, walkway, or patio. Municipal and commercial concrete leveling is another area that Polyjacking has experience in. Our products can take care of your uneven warehouse floors and create a floor that will be strong enough to hold your heavy machinery. Polyjacking gives us a concrete leveling advantage over other methods, such as mudjacking.

The professionals of can take care of the leveling of roadways and void fill where it is needed. We have worked with DOTs in the area for the last thirty years helping to maintain roadways, ramps, and bridges. This tells you that our product and methods have been tested out in real-life situations and under many different conditions. has the crew and the experience to help you with concrete leveling in Kansas City and the surrounding area.

Concrete Leveling Advantages with Polyurethane

If you are choosing to do concrete leveling, you will be glad you chose We will use high-density polyurethane concrete and poly equipment for our leveling of your project. It will raise and stabilize any existing slabs permanently and for a lot less money than it would cost you to remove and replace your older concrete.

One thing you can count on with polyjacking is that the polyurethane concrete hardens in minutes, lifting your concrete to just the right level. We don’t have to worry about any shrinkage so our solution will be accurate to within 1/100 of an inch. This mixture expands to 20 times its liquid form and fills in any places that are void of matter.

Another advantage of polyurethane foam is that it mixes with the soil to add strength to the base. For the injection of the polyurethane foam, we will only have to drill holes of 5/8”, this is quite small compared to other options out on the market, such as mudjacking. So the look of your concrete slab is not affected all that much.

Another strength of the polyurethane is that it works in wet conditions by repelling any water. It can seal the underside of a slab, including cracks and joints. This is an effective method to stop water from bleeding into the existing concrete and will also impede other erosion issues.

If your home or business needs concrete leveling in Kansas or concrete leveling in St. Louis, give the experienced team at a call. We can design a solution to your special needs.

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