The Effects of Snow on Asphalt

While a fresh, white blanket of snow is a pleasant sight, the inevitable task of removing it can be damaging. If not done properly, you can affect your driveway, sidewalk or parking lot. To prevent costly repairs, keep an eye on your asphalt pavement as winter approaches. Look for scrapes, cracks and potholes throughout the…

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Repair Tripping Hazards with Polyjacking

Uneven Concrete and Tripping Hazards Do you have an uneven concrete sidewalk or walkway on your property? It’s probably a good idea to get it fixed. After all, it will only get worse over time, creating a trip hazard and serious liability lawsuit. In fact, more cities are mandating leveled sidewalks and requiring homeowners to…

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Concrete Slab Problems

Concrete Slab Problems and Troubleshooting Tips Concrete slab problems are a common occurrence in basement floors, garage floors, and other concrete surfaces. They go ignored for years until the surface gets worse. Without necessary repairs, cracks may spread and get larger allowing water to seep through the surface. If you know what to look for,…

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polyjacking St. Louis

Out with the Old (Mudjacking) & In with the New (Polyjacking)

What is mudjacking? Mudjacking is a cost effective concrete repair method used to lift and level sunken concrete. Since the 1900s, many businesses and homes have benefitted from mudjacking. It has been used to stabilize basement floors, driveways, sidewalks, patios, garage floors, and more. So when it comes to cost and time efficiency, mudjacking is…

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Mudjacking vs. Foam – Best Practices for Concrete Leveling

There are a few slabjack methods to choose from when it comes to concrete leveling. Whether its mudjacking or foam injections, both are designed to lift and stabilize the slab. However, there are subtle differences. It’s essential to know the differences, so you can decide the best option for your concrete leveling project. Mudjacking Mudjacking…

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Municipal Applications for Concrete Leveling and Polyjacking

Repairing damaged concrete in municipal areas takes professional work, much experience, and top-quality products. In order to have concrete that will be stable and long-lasting, it is important to hire the right crew who can get the job done efficiently using the right tools and methods. Our professionals here at can help you with…

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Commercial Floor Repair

Commercial Floor Repair and Concrete Leveling Commercial floor repair can be done by the professionals at, a division of Pro Foundation Technology. Our team of professionals wants to assure their clients that the job will be done right the first time and that your floors will be ready for flooring installation. We have been…

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Ice and Concrete Don’t Mix

Icy, Winter Months in Kansas City and St. Louis The winter months have set in and there are a lot of ice and snow in the St. Louis and Kansas City area. Ice and snow can damage your concrete around your home or business. As it gets into the pores, it causes the concrete to…

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Void Detection

What Causes Voids? When voids form beneath the concrete, they can cause many issues such as settlement, cracking, and sinking foundations. These voids can form due to a number of reasons such as: Soil Shrinkage – When there are periods of hot, dry weather, this will cause soil shrinkage forming voids beneath foundations and concrete….

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The Benefits of Using Polyurethane for Lifting Concrete

Settling Concrete in Kansas City Settling concrete foundations cause structural problems such as sloped floors, floor cracks, and sticking windows and doors. If the settlement becomes severe enough, it could lead to complete foundation failure. To avoids this fate, it is important that you invest in concrete lifting and leveling services as soon as you…

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