What Can Be Polyjacked?


What is polyjacking and why is it beneficial? At, we use poly equipment and trucks to lift concrete slab. Polyjacking is a process that requires raising the concrete slab by drilling holes through the top surface of the affected slab, then injecting high-density polyurethane foam into the holes to fill in voids and cracks….

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The Effect of Water on Concrete


Types of Concrete Issues Since concrete surfaces are hard, most people don’t think of them as being porous. In fact, they have a capillary structure that consists of millions of microscopic cracks and holes that absorb water like a sponge. If there is too much water in the concrete, there is a possibility for shrinkage…

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Mudjacking and Polyjacking


What is the Difference Between Mudjacking and Polyjacking? Concrete repair is a cost-effective alternative over concrete replacement because of the development of mudjacking and polyjacking. Trying to find the best concrete repair solution can be a difficult decision. That is why our experts can help you decide the best concrete option for all of your…

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Is Polyjacking Seasonal?

Seasonal Polyjacking Issues in Kansas City, Missouri Polyjacking is an important concrete repair service for many residents of Kansas City and St. Louis, MO. This service is used to lift and stabilize sinking concrete slabs. Sinking slabs are usually due to variations in temperatures and moisture content in the soil around the slab. Polyjacking is…

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Industrial Uses for Polyjacking

Industrial Polyjacking in St. Louis, Kansas City & Beyond Polyjacking is a permanent solution for settling industrial concrete floors. This method for concrete repair in the industrial setting injects polyurethane foam into a 5/8″ hole that is drilled through the affected concrete. This polyurethane foam fills the voids beneath the concrete and lifts it back…

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Concrete Floor Repair for Theatres

Theatres The theatres in Kansas City and St. Louis are some of the largest and beautiful in the entire country. Keeping them well maintained is important. Part of the maintenance and upkeep of these theatres is concrete repair. Theatres are heavily used by the public and need to be in good repair to keep them…

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Library Concrete Floor Repair

Libraries Kansas City and St. Louis have some of the largest libraries in the country. Keeping them in good repair is important, this includes concrete floor repair when needed. Repairing the concrete at the first signs that it is cracking or sinking will help with costlier repair in the future. Since libraries are heavily used…

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Concrete Floor Repair for Concert Halls

Concert Halls Regular maintenance of concert halls is needed to keep these venues up-to-date and functional. One of these areas that need repair from time-to-time in a concert hall is the concrete. provides exceptional quality, long-term, cost effective solutions for commercial and industrial concrete repair, including concert halls. Repairing the concrete in a concert hall…

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Commercial Uses for Polyjacking

From Commerical Uses to Roadways, Polyjacking Saves Time and Money Curb appeals can quickly diminish in schools, universities, industries, and commercial complexes due to chipping or flaking concrete roads. This can be an unsightly appearance for visitors and clients. Concrete roads can experience wear and tear over time, especially if they encounter large trucks and…

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Concrete Floor Repair for Skyscrapers in Kanas City Do you ever wonder how concrete floors are repaired in skyscrapers? It almost seems impossible to imagine. But at, we can fix concrete floors for any infrastructure. Our professionals are licensed contractors that specialize in lifting and stabilizing concrete slabs using polyurethane foam systems. Not only do…

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