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Commercial Concrete Leveling in Bentonville, AR

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Apartment buildings and businesses in Bentonville may find that their concrete has settled and is no longer level. This can be caused due to a number of reasons, including:

  • Improperly compacted soil during new construction
  • Droughts and high temperatures cause moisture to evaporate
  • Settlement due to water saturation of an area
  • Cracks in concrete giving water access to run beneath slabs

These problems get worse over time and cause concrete to sink and become uneven. Polyjacking.com has the solution for getting your concrete back to its original state. Some common problem areas include steps, sidewalks, retaining walls, and more.

Polyjacking Services

Polyjacking.com uses the method of polyjacking to raise and stabilize your business' concrete back to its original grade. This method uses high-density polyurethane foam injected into the affected area of the concrete. It expands to fill the voids underneath the concrete, and raises it back to its original position and permanently stabilizes the concrete. Due to its short hardening time and minimal disruption, the concrete is ready to use in about 15 minutes.

Polyjacking can be used in both commercial and industrial settings. No job is too big for the professionals at Polyjacking.com.

What are Benefits of Polyjacking?

polyjacking vs mudjacking bentonville ar, concrete lifting bentonville ar, concrete leveling bentonville arkansasFollowing are a few of the many benefits in using polyjacking:

  • Prevents recurring settlement
  • Long-term solution
  • Polyurethane foam expands and fills in voids and gaps
  • Polyurethane foam is moisture resistant, therefore it will not break down and wash away
  • Polyurethane foam creates its own hydraulic lift so we can control the lifting process precisely to within 10/1000th of an inch
  • Polyurethane has a fast curing time concrete can be used 15 minutes after injection
  • Polyurethane's compressive strength provides a solid and dense product to permanently support the concrete
  • Polyurethane seals the underside of concrete pavement eliminating water penetration and erosion issues

Contact Polyjacking.com for Commercial Concrete Leveling

Polyjacking.com specializes in commercial concrete leveling and lifting in Bentonville, Arkansas. If you have a commercial, industrial, or agricultural building with sunken concrete, contact Polyjacking.com today.

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