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Commercial Concrete Lifting in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Bowling Green experiences higher than average precipitation, which can mean bad news for concrete structures as concrete is a porous material and susceptible to shifting, cracking, and unevenness when subjected to water damage. Regardless of the type of problems your concrete is experiencing, the experts at Pro Foundation Technology have the solutions! Although there is more than one way to address concrete problems, we prefer to address most issues by polyjacking.

What is Polyjacking?

polyjacking vs mudjacking in bowling green, kentuckyPolyjacking is a method of concrete repair that utilizes Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), which detects any obstructions in the concrete such as voids, objects, and underground structures. Our experts then use this information to drill a small hole into the damaged areas and inject a high-density polyurethane foam, which expands to 20 times its liquid volume and spreads to fill in any gaps.

Why Polyjacking in Bowling Green, KY?

Our concrete leveling experts believe polyjacking to be the best solution because it is efficient, minimally invasive, and affordable for the customer. GPR allows us to proceed with extreme accuracy, so we can fix affected areas individually instead of forcing you to pay to have your concrete ripped up and replaced. Polyjacking is also preferred over replacement because the slab can be used immediately after leveling, unlike freshly poured concrete. This is a great solution for industrial concrete leveling repair.

Polyjacking in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Polyjacking is the preferred method over other types because it offers the following benefits:

  • Moisture resistant properties
  • Durability
  • Will not erode or wash away
  • Expands and covers more areas than traditional methods
  • Looks more attractive due to fewer, smaller holes
  • Faster curing time compared to other methods

Is Polyjacking Right for My Bowling Green Concrete?

polyjacking concrete repair Bowling Green, KYBecause polyjacking is so versatile, it can be used for a wide variety of projects:

  • Bridge approach void filling
  • Pavement lifting/leveling/undersealing
  • Sidewalk leveling
  • Soil stabilization
  • Highway leveling
  • Airport runway leveling
  • Curb leveling
  • Sewer line void filling
  • Interior floor stabilization
  • Infrastructure repair
  • Taxiway leveling
  • Manhole leak repair
  • Road leveling
  • Structure stabilization
  • Warehouse floor leveling
  • Void filling

Our experts can restore your concrete to normal in no time, and with minimal disturbance to the work site. For a speedy, cost-efficient, and minimally invasive solution to your concrete leveling problems in Bowling Green, KY, contact our experts at Polyjacking.com. We are happy to work with you to evaluate your concrete and determine the best course of action!

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