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Commercial Concrete Leveling in Duluth, Minnesota

Duluth, Minnesota usually has very long, cold, snowy winters and warm, wet summers. These changes in weather and large amounts of precipitation can be a problem for many of the commercial concrete foundations in the city. If the soil beneath and around your foundation erodes due to excessive amounts of water, voids may form.

polyjacking Duluth MNIf these voids form beneath your structure, the foundation may begin to settle or sink. This can lead to all sorts of problems throughout other areas of the structure. If you are a property owner in Duluth and notice signs of your foundation beginning to sink, you may need professional concrete lifting.

A cracked or sunken slab can damage vehicles and equipment, injure customers and employees, and lower the curb appeal of your property. Polyjacking is less expensive than tearing out and replacing the slab. The process is relatively quick and non-invasive, allowing your business to get back to their normal routine the same day.

Duluth, Minnesota Polyjacking Solutions

Polyjacking uses a polyurethane foam, which is more durable and lighter than the material used for mudjacking. Polyurethane offers the following benefits:

  • The installation process requires fewer and smaller drilled holes
  • Polyurethane cures in 15 minutes instead of days
  • Will not create a burden on weak soil, which prevents any settlement from reoccurring
  • Can be installed in any type of climate

These characteristics make polyjacking an excellent choice for concrete leveling and lifting. Polyjacking repairs sunken concrete, including driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and more. Polyjacking has more benefits over other methods of concrete lifting, making it the most preferred concrete repair method available today.

Other Services for Duluth, MN

In addition to lifting your concrete, the pros at Polyjacking.com can help you with a variety of other services, including:

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