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Commercial Concrete Lifting in Fayetteville, AR

polyjacking vs mudjacking in Fayetteville, AR Fayetteville has a mix of dry and rainy weather, with hot summers and cold winters. These weather combinations can adversely affect the concrete surface by creating voids and holes under the slab. As a result, the concrete may settle, crack, shrink or lower the strength of the concrete.

Polyjacking.com offers quality, reliable concrete lifting and leveling service to stabilize settling concrete for commercial and industrial structures. A cracked or uneven concrete slab can damage vehicles, upset equipment, and injure customers and employees. It is important to have a strong and stable work environment. We use polyjacking to repair the following:

  • Warehouse floors
  • Retail floors
  • Factory floors
  • Apartment building floors
  • Concert halls

For the polyjacking process, we use high-density polyurethane foam to lift and stabilize concrete. Small 5/8 holes are drilled into the concrete, then the foam is injected into the holes. As the foam is injected, it expands to 20X its liquid volume under the slab and fills in any gaps, cracks, or voids. The foam precisely lifts the slab, leveling the slab back into place. Polyurethane has a quick curing time that allows the concrete to be ready in around 15 minutes. If you have settling or sinking concrete, contact Polyjacking.com today for quality service in Fayetteville, AR. We offer free quotes for every repair project.  

polyjacking vs mudjacking in Fayetteville, ARPolyjacking is Preferred in Fayetteville

When it comes to concrete stabilization, polyjacking and mudjacking are both popular repair methods used in the concrete leveling industry. While other methods have been used traditionally, in recent years, polyjacking has been the preferred method, especially for commercial and industrial buildings, due to its durability, quick turnaround time, and less disruption to the workplace.

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For long-term commercial repairs in Fayetteville, AR, consider the professionals at Polyjacking.com. Contact us today for more information.

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