Commercial Concrete Leveling in Louisville, Kentucky

The experts at are here to provide reliable solutions for your Louisville commercial concrete, regardless of the cause or the severity of the damage.

Although concrete repairs can be approached in more than one way, our specialty is polyurethane foam injection, also known as polyjacking. We've found it to be the most reliable and efficient method of commercial concrete repair.

What is Polyjacking for Louisville?

Polyjacking is a method of concrete repair that depends on the versatility of polyurethane foam, which can expand to over 20 times its liquid volume. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) alerts our team to any obstructions embedded in the concrete such as voids or objects. We use this information to drill a hole into the concrete in the best location and inject the foam inside. Once injected, the foam expands to fill any voids, leveling the structure and raising it to its original level.

Why Polyjacking in Louisville?

Here at, customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we seek to offer the most efficient and economical solutions. Polyjacking is an ideal solution for most scenarios, as GPR allows us to achieve extreme accuracy. This accuracy permits us to correct issues individually as opposed to total destruction and replacement (which can come with a hefty price tag). Additionally, polyjacking is preferred over replacement because customers can utilize the repaired concrete usually within 15 minutes, instead of waiting for new concrete to dry.

Is Polyjacking Right for Louisville Projects?

polyjacking vs mudjacking in Louisville KYPolyjacking is ideal for many projects, including:

Polyjacking in Louisville, KY

Polyjacking uses polyurethane to lift the surface. Polyurethane is a safe liquid polymer foam that is injected into small drilled holes. After the material is injected, it turns into foam and expands under the slab. Loose soils are stabilized and all voids are filled. Polyurethane takes up to 15 minutes to cure, then it is ready for immediate use. Polyurethane is lightweight, and weighs 2 to 4 lbs per cubic foot. It is moisture resistant and environmentally friendly.

Polyjacking will prevent resettlement by restoring and stabilizing your concrete surface back to normal for many years to come. If you live in Louisville, KY, contact us today. We'll assess your damages and provide the best concrete repair solution for your needs.

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