Commercial Concrete Leveling in Omaha, NE offers cost-effective concrete leveling to raise and stabilize the concrete on your commercial property, including walkways, warehouse floors, concrete slabs, streets, parking lots, and more.

Commercial Polyjacking for Omaha, NE

polyjacking Omaha NEPolyjacking does one thing and it does it well: it lifts and supports sunken concrete slabs. The process involves drilling a few small holes and injecting a polyurethane foam beneath the slab. Since the majority of settlement is caused by poor soil conditions, polyjacking has gained popularity. The foam is a lightweight material that does not burden weak soil under the slab, making it ideal for industrial concrete floor repair in Omaha.

The foam is easily controlled and the slab will be lifted within a tenth of an inch of the desired height. The polyjacking process uses less equipment than other methods and the foam cures within fifteen minutes of injection, minimizing the disruption to your business.

The Polyjacking Installation Process

We use polyjacking to repair concrete slabs for commercial, municipal, and industrial applications. Polyjacking consists of high-density polyurethane foam that lifts and levels uneven concrete. The repair process is relatively simple when using the right material and tools.

  1. A small hole is drilled into the affected concrete surface.
  2. High-density polyurethane foam is injected into the hole. The foam fills in all voids and contours to the size of the void.
  3. The concrete is raised back to its original position.
  4. The concrete is stabilized and ready for use.

To avoid underground embedded voids, such as tension cables, we use a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). A GPR is a fast, inexpensive tool used to determine where the polyurethane foam should be injected.

Trying to determine the best concrete repair method for sunken concrete can be difficult. Call today for an estimate and more information!

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