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Regardless of the type, severity, or location of your concrete problem in Overland Park, KS, the professionals at have the solution.

The most reliable solution for concrete issues is usually polyjacking, which relies on the injection of high-density polyurethane foam into 5/8" openings drilled into the affected concrete. Once injected, the foam expands substantially and spreads beneath the concrete to fill any voids that have developed. Polyjacking is often a great solution for concrete problems in Overland Park as it is more economical, efficient, accurate and less invasive than alternative methods of concrete leveling.

Don't allow the problems plaguing your concrete to compound. Our professionals can help restore your concrete back to normal with minimal disruption to your home or business in Overland Park.

polyjacking services concrete leveling concrete repair Overland Park, KSSome of the more common problems that concrete can experience are:

Polyjacking in Overland Park, KS

At, we can help you choose the best concrete leveling method for your concrete needs in Overland Park, KS.

Unlike other methods, polyjacking involves the use of polyurethane foam that is injected through the holes. Polyurethane foam is used because it is a lightweight material that expands in loose soil. The foam expands, raising the slab to within 1/100th of an inch. It also compresses the loose soil, making the foundaition more stable. Fewer holes are needed to lift the slab, and the foam is cured within minutes. It is also water-resistant, which eliminates future settling.

Polyjacking Services in Overland Park,

Polyjacking can be used for a variety of projects, including:

  • Pavement lifting/leveling/under sealing
  • Soil stabilization
  • Infrastructure repair
  • Void filling
  • Highway leveling
  • Road leveling

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