Concrete Lifting in Owensboro, KY

Owensboro experiences higher than average annual precipitation like many other parts of Kentucky. Because of this, the concrete surrounding your business in Owensboro, KY has a tendency to become damaged. offers professional concrete lifting and repair. Some of the common concrete problems are:Polyjacking in Owensboro, KY by

  • Heaving
  • Discoloration
  • Scaling
  • Shrinking
  • Crazing
  • Cracking
  • Spalling

Polyjacking Services in Owensboro, KY

To level and repair your concrete, the method of polyjacking is relatively simple. We drill several small, carefully placed holes throughout the affected concrete. Next, we inject polyurethane foam into the holes. The polyurethane foam will expand to fill the voids beneath the concrete entirely. This polyurethane foam has a fast curing time so the concrete can be used within 15 minutes after the repair is completed.

There are several advantages for using polyjacking for concrete repair. Replacing concrete is much more expensive than using the method of polyjacking. Also, replacing concrete will not entirely fix the problem since the voids beneath the concrete will still be there and eventually, the new concrete will sink into these voids, causing damage all over again. Polyjacking is more effective and will last longer. It gives the concrete a strong base and the special waterproof formula makes it safe from moisture damage in the future. Because of the fast curing time, the concrete can be used within 15 minutes after the concrete repair is done.Polyjacking in Owensboro, KY by

Polyjacking in Owensboro, KY

Some of the benefits of polyjacking include:

  • Newer method of concrete repair
  • Uses a polyurethane material to fill voids
  • Polyurethane is water-resistant
  • Prevents future settlement as well as defective joints caused by soil erosion
  • Cures in 15 minutes
  • Weighs between 2 to 4 lbs
  • Uses 100% recycled material
  • Fixes soil-related issues, as well as settlement
  • Fewer and smaller holes are drilled
  • Drilled holes are undetected

Polyjacking is much more cost-effective than replacing concrete. Replacing concrete will not solve the problem if there are still voids beneath the concrete. If you have concrete damage in Owensboro, KY, let inspect your concrete. Contact us today.

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