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When water soaks the soil it can cause the soil to shift and move. This can leave behind voids and when this happens, your building's foundation will slowly begin to shift and move into the void, creating cracks, gaps or separation, sloping or uneven floors, or foundation settlement. is a team of experienced professionals who have the tools, knowledge, and technology to give you top quality foundation repairs in the St. Louis area for commercial and residential properties.

St. Louis concrete lifting with polyurethanePolyjacking for St. Louis

Polyjacking is used to raise and level residential and commercial concrete surfaces back to normal. There are some benefits to polyjacking over other methods:

  • Requires fewer and smaller holes
  • Consistent and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Cures in 15 minutes
  • Moisture resistant

The Polyjacking Process for Settling Concrete in St. Louis

Polyjacking is a relatively simple process in which we drill several small holes in the damaged area. From there we will begin to inject our special waterproof polyurethane formula through the holes and into the voids underneath your concrete. The polyurethane solution will expand as it is being injected.

As it expands, it will fill every corner of the void beneath the concrete, lifitng and stabilizing the slab back into its original position. Once the process is complete, your concrete will be ready for use in about fifteen minutes.

Besides the quick and effective lifting process, there are other benefits to using the polyjacking foundation repair solution. This process is minimally invasive and it is much less expensive than replacing your failing concrete. Replacement concrete does not fix the problem, it will just sink right back into those voids like the previous slab.

Polyjacking is a much stronger, more effective, and longer-lasting solution for your St. Louis property. It is no question that polyjacking is the best solution for your concrete that is cracking, shifting, or separating because of voids underneath its surface.

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