Concrete Shrinking Repair in St. Louis and Kansas City

Concrete shrinking can be caused by temperatures decreasing and moisture loss. These two things also cause curling and warping of concrete. Concrete expands and contracts with the change in temperature. Because of this concrete shrinkage, the concrete can become uneven and crack. This can cause a lot of problems in and around your home. Not only can it become a tripping hazard for you and your family, but it is also unsightly.

Concrete has a relatively high compressive strength, but significantly lower tensile strength and is reinforced with materials that are strong in tension. The elasticity of concrete is relatively constant at low stress levels. The elasticity starts decreasing at higher stress levels. As concrete matures, it starts to shrink.

Kinds of Concrete Cracks

concrete shrinking repair by in kansas cityThe experts at, the concrete leveling division of Pro Foundation Technology, can differentiate shrinkage cracks from other types of cracks.

  • Cracks that are caused by soil settlement or heaving usually exhibit vertical displacement of the concrete; concrete on one side of the crack will be higher than the concrete on the other side
  • Cracks that are caused by shrinkage are not linearly continuous
  • Shrinkage cracks are not continuous through a slab

Concrete Shrinkage Repair in Kansas & St. Louis uses polyjacking to lift and stabilize your foundation. This is the process of injecting high-density polyurethane into the concrete to fill any voids that are beneath the slab.

With the proper equipment, the process is completed as follows:

  • A small hole is drilled through the damaged concrete slab
  • Polyurethane foam is injected into the void and as it expands the concrete is raised back into its original position
  • The holes are filled and the site cleaned up
  • The short hardening time of this material allows use of the concrete within minutes

Compared to other concrete leveling methods, polyjacking is more economical and durable. You can be assured that once your concrete is level, it will last for years.

Our employees are trained in all areas of concrete repair. We are a family-owned and operated business and have been in business since 1978. We pride ourselves on our work and we come highly recommended by some of the most respected engineers in the Midwest.

Let repair your shrinking concrete and get it looking like new again with our professional solutions. Don't hesitate, contact us today for all of your concrete repair needs.

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