Municipal Floor Repair

municipal concrete repair kansas city st. louisHave you noticed hazardous cracks and sloping in your municipal concrete? If you need a simple and efficient repair, has the best solution for you.

With this method, a foam substance called polyurethane is injected into the damaged area to raise and restore it, leaving the concrete area more stable than ever!

Benefits of Polyjacking

Unlike other traditional methods of concrete slab repair, there are some large benefits to polyjacking.

The holes that are drilled into the concrete are only 5'8", whereas other methods need 2"-3" holes. The foam is injected and expands underneath the slab, lifting the concrete. The foam also compresses the loose soil under the slab and seals the underside of the concrete. The foam is also water-resistant, so it won't wash away or erode. The polyurethane foam cures in only fifteen minutes and requires little time to install. Polyjacking is with no doubt the ideal method for municipal concrete repair.

There are many reasons we use polyjacking over mudjacking for concrete repair.

Some of these include:

  • municipal concrete repair kansas city st. louisCreates its own hydraulic lift
  • Conforms to the size and shape of the void
  • Guards against moisture
  • Improves the overall structure and stability of the concrete
  • Provides long-lasting strength

Concrete Leveling Solutions for Municipal Projects

At, we can perform polyjacking for public walkways, driveways, parking lots, and any other high traffic area. Over time, the concrete of these public spaces tends to deteriorate, and it is important to get it repaired to prevent tripping hazards and provide safety to the public.

Since polyjacking is an incredibly fast method, it causes little disruption and will have the concrete repaired in no time at all, so your customers and citizens can use the surface safely.

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