Void and Hole Filling

Void and Hole Filling under Concrete in Kansas City and St. Louis by PFTThe formation of voids and gaps beneath concrete slab foundations is a serious problem for residents of Kansas City and St. Louis. This happens when the soil underneath the foundation falls washes away, causing a shifting and slab crack formation. If you see these issues in your concrete, contact Polyjacking.com. Our team can help restore your slab to the proper position in no time.

Some of the most common issues that result in void formation are:

  • Soil Shrinkage: When the weather is extremely hot and dry, the soil under the slab will shrink, forming voids and gaps underneath the foundation.
  • Erosion: These voids can also form due to erosion from excessive rainfall or melting snow, which washes away the soil under and around the concrete slab.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: Heavy precipitation can lead to an increase in hydrostatic pressure in the soil. This pressure pushes on the concrete, causing it to shift, settle, and even develop slab cracks.
  • Heaving and Settling: When suddenly varying temperatures cause the ground to freeze and thaw rapidly, the slab above will start to heave and settle, resulting in slab cracks and settlement.
  • Shifting Soil: Erosion, shrinkage, and poor compaction may cause the soil under your slab to shift and form voids.

Polyjacking.com uses ground penetrating radar (GPR) for void detection. It is a fast, accurate, and inexpensive method for void detection. It consists of a high-frequency radar antenna and advanced signal software to accurately locate voids, underground structures, embedded utilities, and other objects.

Void Filling Solutions

void hole and filling by polyjacking.com in kansas cityTo fix a settling slab, the voids under the slab must be filled. The best solution is to use foamjacking or polyjacking. This process involves the injection of a dual liquid polyurethane foam material underneath the slab through small holes drilled in the concrete. Once injected beneath the concrete, the polyurethane expands to fill the voids and compact the soil around the voids. This helps to create a more stable base for the entire foundation. The mudjacking method can wash away over time, but the polyurethane foam is water-resistant.

The versatility of polyjacking allows us to stabilize concrete foundations, including sidewalks, parking lots, highways, and much more. To fill voids beneath your concrete, contact Polyjacking.com today for a free estimate!

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