Concrete Floor Repair for Airports

concrete floor repair for airports in kansas city and st. louis Repairing the concrete in an airport is important because public safety depends on it. When cracks appear and the concrete becomes unlevel, it is time to contact the professionals of We have the concrete solutions and equipment to get the concrete back to its original level and safe again.

Concrete can sink and shift due to the soil conditions beneath it. When soil becomes overly wet it heaves and when it is dry, it shrinks. This causes concrete to also shift and shrink, causing it to become unlevel and crack.

Whatever the concrete problem is with the airport's concrete, has the solutions for you.

Concrete Floor Leveling Options for Airports

Polyjacking is the method we use for concrete leveling in airports in St. Louis and Kansas City. This is a high-density polyurethane foam that is injected through a 5/8" hole that is drilled into the affected concrete. This foam expands to completely fill the voids beneath the concrete. It has a short hardening time so the concrete surface is immediately ready for use, unlike the mudjacking process. It is also a dense material that is impervious to water preventing any future erosion problems.

There are many advantages to using this method for concrete lifting including:

  • More economical - this solution is 75% cheaper than removing and replacing concrete
  • More efficient - The material hardens in minutes allowing the project to be completed in hours. This is important especially for airports
  • Accuracy - Polyurethane foam creates its own hydraulic lift so the lifting process comes to within 10/1000th of an inch
  • Less disruption - Due to the fast curing time, there is less disruption for the airport
  • Higher durability - Polyurethane's compressive strength provides a solid and dense product yet its tensile strength allows for the material to be pliable
  • Lighter weight - Polyurethane only adds 3-5 pounds per cubic foot compared to 100 pounds plus that mudjacking grout adds
  • Moisture resistant - The specially formulated polyurethane material is designed for wet conditions.

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