Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Practical Applications for a GPR in Kansas City

ground penetrating radar, GPR, Kansas City, St. LouisGround-penetrating radar, or GPR as many call it, has many practical uses, even though it seems like something that only scientists would use. uses it in many of its jobs because it tells us so much.

When it comes to the ground around your home or business, many problems can occur. Voids can form underground, along with other geological features, including groundwater resources. We can use the radar to easily detect voids with a high level of accuracy. This can prevent damage from voids to roads, slabs, highways, runways and more.

Our team of experts can perform concrete inspections using GPR. There can be objects such as PVC, cables, rebar, conduit, and more obstacles you may want to know about before you dig!

GPR Finds Underground Objects

GPR image for Kansas City and St. Louis areaGPR is extremely useful in geological or forensic applications. The professionals at can use GPR to locate and image underground wells, storage tanks, rock shelves, and even unmarked gravesites.

Most people don’t even think about using GPR on bridges. We can use ground-penetrating radar to check for safety issues with bridge decks and check for voids and cracks in bridges.

GPR is highly accurate using high-frequency antennas and a computer signal analysis to make sure that the image you are seeing is just right and also in real-time. We can render 3-D images to locate features or objects using an x, y, and z-axis. Since our radar units are portable, we can have them to a site quickly and have results from our technicians immediately. Plus, since they use electromagnetic pulse, you don’t have the concerns about radiation that you might have from an X-ray machine.

So, GPR is not as odd as one might think. There are many practical applications and reasons for ground-penetrating radar. proudly offers this service and would love to show you how ground penetrating radar can work for you. Call us today!

Call us today at 1-800-724-3076 or 816-832-2558 or click here to email us. We look forward to helping you keep your property strong, stable, and safe.

GPR can see it all in Kansas City and St. Louis

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