Industrial Concrete Repair

In an industrial setting, time is important. Some methods of concrete repair can make it difficult or impossible for your employees to do their job. With polyjacking, the concrete repair can be done in a short amount of time, with little disruption to the workplace. 

industrial concrete repairConcrete is a strong and durable material, but damage can occur from machinery, foundation issues, and water problems. and the team at Pro Foundation Tech can restore the concrete in your industrial setting. Cracked and unlevel concrete can cause injuries to people and damage to equipment, so you must have it repaired as quick as possible.

The Need to Repair Concrete

As stated above, damaged or deteriorating concrete can be risky for inventory, machinery, and people. The structure itself can be unstable and unsafe, not to mention problems that can occur with utilities located underneath the slab. Your products can be damaged, time may be lost to injury, and equipment may need to be repaired or replaced. 

The pros at can repair your concrete, restoring the stability and safety of the work environment. We work closely with you to make sure everyone knows what to expect and there are no surprises. Our repairs take less time than other methods and provide a long-lasting solution for our industrial concrete repair needs.

The Benefits of Polyjacking for Industrial Concrete Repair

It’s possible that you’re not familiar with the term “polyjacking”. This method of concrete repair has been used by municipalities and Departments of Transportation for years and is quickly becoming more popular in other applications, both commercial and residential. 

Polyjacking uses a polyurethane foam that expands below the concrete surface, raising the slab and restoring the strength and stability of the area. The polyurethane foam has a compressive strength of 500 psi. This compressive strength is more than enough to withstand the weight of vehicles, industrial equipment and machinery, warehouse shelving and inventory, and other items that you’ll find in an industrial setting. Polyurethane foam has a lifting capability of 900 tons, allowing it to be used without having to remove machinery or inventory.

Although the foam is strong, it is easy to adjust. The foam can lift the slab to within 1/10 of an inch of the desired height. The foam won’t shrink with time and, since it is water-resistant, it won’t erode, providing stability where other methods may wash away.

The foam expands evenly, lessening the stress on your concrete floor. The foam seals the underside of the slab, filling voids and cracks, preventing water from coming up and damaging the concrete.

In addition to being highly effective, polyjacking is also economical. Polyjacking costs are around 70% less than repouring the floor and is 80% faster than other industrial concrete repair methods, such as mudjacking.

The Polyjacking Process

The process of polyjacking is simple. Small holes around 5/8 of an inch in diameter are drilled into the concrete. The foam is injected into the holes, using only one vehicle to deliver the polyurethane. The foam expands below the slab, filling voids and sealing cracks. The slab is lifted to the desired height and the holes are sealed. The foam cures in about 15 minutes, allowing to quickly get back to work. Other methods can take days or weeks to be completed.

The foam not only fills the voids, but it compacts any loose soil under the slab. This will further strengthen the base that the concrete is built on. The foam is hydrophobic, so it displaces and repels any water it encounters, without being compromised or watered down. The foam replaces any missing sub-base with a strong, solid material that won’t erode or shrink.

Applications for Industrial Polyjacking

We have experience in using polyjacking to help a wide variety of locations and applications. Some of the ways we’ve used polyjacking to help in industrial settings include:

Contact the industrial concrete repair experts at We can help you in the Kansas City area and throughout the country. We look forward to helping you restore your concrete’s strength and stability.

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