Is Polyjacking Seasonal?

Seasonal Polyjacking Issues in Kansas City, Missouri

seasonal polyjacking and concrete leveling in Kansas City and St. LouisPolyjacking is an important concrete repair service for many residents of Kansas City and St. Louis, MO. This service is used to lift and stabilize sinking concrete slabs. Sinking slabs are usually due to variations in temperatures and moisture content in the soil around the slab. Polyjacking is the most effective way to fix this issue, as it supports the foundation from underneath while compacting and stabilizing the soil. This results in a more stable foundation or slab and also helps to seal cracks in the concrete., the Polyjacking branch of Pro Foundation Technology (PFT), can help restore your settling concrete slab immediately.

Settling concrete slabs are usually the result of voids and spaces forming beneath the slab. This can happen when the soil shrinks due to extremely dry, hot weather, or when frost in the ground freezes and thaws. Hydrostatic pressure is caused by excessive moisture absorbed by the soil. It pushes against the slab, causing it to shift and crack. Varying moisture content in the soil also leads to the formation of gaps and spaces in the soil under the foundation. These gaps cannot provide adequate support for the concrete, causing the slab to sink and settle into these voids as a result. By using polyjacking to fill these voids, we can raise the slab to the proper position.

Cold temperatures can cause the foundation to heave and settle, requiring support from slab jacking underneath. Dry conditions can lead to soil shrinkage, forming voids that must be filled by polyjacking services. Whatever the seasonal issue is in your home, we can help give you the necessary repairs to ensure that your slab is well stabilized and protected from seasonal damage.

Polyjacking Services for Seasonal Repair in Kansas City

seasonal polyjacking repair for the St. Louis and Kansas City areaThe polyjacking process consists of several essential steps. Poly equipment and trucks are used for the installation process. These steps in the process include:

  1. First, holes are drilled through the slab in a strategic pattern to maximize lift and minimize loss of structural integrity.
  2. Next, the high-density polyurethane foam is injected through the slabs to fill voids under the concrete.
  3. This polyurethane material expands to fill voids and compact the soil around the voids, creating a more stable foundation for the concrete slab.
  4. Once the slab is raised, any remaining cracks can be filled, as well as the holes that were drilled previously.
  5. The equipment is removed from the job site and the slab is back to normal and ready for regular use.

This polyjacking procedure can prevent seasonal foundation problems in your home or commercial structure. Polyjacking is a versatile service that can be used in nearly any type of weather to prevent all sorts of seasonal issues. Contact us today for more information.

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