Mudjacking and Polyjacking

What is the Difference Between Mudjacking and Polyjacking?

mudjacking vs polyjacking Kansas City St. LouisConcrete repair is a cost-effective alternative over concrete replacement because of the development of mudjacking and polyjacking. Trying to find the best concrete repair solution can be a difficult decision. That is why our experts can help you decide the best concrete option for all of your concrete repair needs.

Mudjacking vs Polyjacking

Most people know the term ‘mudjacking’, but not ‘polyjacking’. These two concrete repair methods are similar, yet different. They both are used to repair sinking or uneven concrete surfaces caused by poor soil conditions under the slab. Our concrete repair services can fix driveways, porches, concrete slabs, garages, basement floors, foundation slabs, sidewalks, and concrete steps.

However, polyjacking offers more benefits over mudjacking. Mudjacking requires heavy equipment and numerous mudjacking trucks for installation. The process involves drilling large holes (2-3″) into the concrete surface, but the results may not be permanent. The curing time could take hours to days. Unlike polyjacking, mudjacking can only be used in above freezing temperatures and the cement mixture that is used can be susceptible to shrinking.

On the other hand, polyjacking doesn’t need heavy poly equipment and only one truck is needed for the project. Small, 5/8″ holes are drilled into the concrete and the outcome lasts longer than mudjacking. Another advantage of using polyjacking is the simple installation process that uses high-density polyurethane foam instead of sand grout to raise the slab to the desired height. The use of polyurethane under the slab allows it to expand and cover all areas without shrinking.

Benefits of Polyjacking in Kansas City & St. Louis, MO

polyjacking and mudjacking differences for St. Louis and Kansas City locationsPolyjacking uses polyurethane which is a lightweight, high-density foam material. Because of this characteristic, it doesn’t create additional stress on the weak soil. The material fills all voids and lifts the concrete slab without losing density. Polyjacking also offers the following benefits:

  • Long-lasting concrete repair solution
  • 5/8″ small injection holes are drilled into the concrete
  • Installed in any type of climate
  • Cures within 15 minutes
  • Moisture seal barrier
  • Contours to the size and shape of voids
  • Polyurethane precisely lifts the slab to within 10/1000th of an inch

If you want to save time and money, polyjacking is the best alternative to concrete replacement and mudjacking. will enhance the overall appearance of your concrete surface for many years to come.

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