driveway lift

Driveway Lift

  Driveway Lift in Harrisonville We recently lifted a driveway around 6 inches in Harrisonville, MO. One of our clients in Harrisonville, Missouri had a driveway that had sunk a fairly good amount. We ended up using polyurethane foam to raise the sunken driveway slab about 6 inches. The customers were happy to have a…

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KU Edwards Campus polyjacking

KU Edwards Campus Repair

The professionals at were recently called in to help with some floor leveling repairs that were needed on the campus of KU Edwards in Overland Park, KS. The campus was opened in 1993 and offers programs for undergraduates, graduates, and certificates along with professional and continuing education courses. Floor Leveling and Void Filling on KU…

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rain can damage concrete slabs

April Showers Bring May…Showers

Pretty much our entire service area has been the victim of non-stop rains and long-lasting flooding this spring. This weather is taking a toll on buildings, roads, fields, and people. The rain has to come to an end, eventually, right? The Weather’s Impact on Concrete Slabs You can do everything right when it comes to…

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polyjacking in the winter

Can I Polyjack in the Winter?

We won’t lie, the winter is usually a slow time for us. People get busy with family activities, dealing with the weather, and frankly, just hibernating. Also, people may not know that they can polyjack their concrete during the winter months. We understand, there are a lot of winter days where outdoor activities are the furthest…

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polyjacking filling in a void

Polyjacking > Mudjacking

Concrete surfaces such as basement floors, driveways, patios, and more are all impacted by soil movement and weather that can cause damage and weakness. The slabs can also sink if the surrounding soil no longer supports it. These problems won’t repair themselves, the longer you wait to fix the problem, the bigger the issue and…

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rain and flooding

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Most of the service area covered by has had a lot more rain this summer than usual. In addition to ruining a lot of outdoor plans, the rainfall may have wreaked havoc with the foundation of your home or business. If your building wasn’t flooded, why should you be worried about the amount of…

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small crack repair

Small Concrete Repairs

Not every concrete repair involves a call to your favorite contractor. Some concrete slab repairs can be done by yourself in an afternoon. Identify the Damage The most important part of taking care of concrete damage is determining what the problem is. There are three common types of concrete damage that you can probably take…

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shopping mall concrete floor repair

Industrial Concrete Floor Repair

With all of the activity that takes place in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other industrial buildings, it is easy to let the concrete floor to become damaged or worn out. There always seems to be something else that needs to be repaired or replaced, but if you let your commercial concrete floor problems grow, the…

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water main breaks in St. Louis

St. Louis and Concrete Problems

The St. Louis area has had its share of extreme weather this winter. The extremely cold weather has caused pipes and water mains to freeze break causing water-related problems around the area. According to television station KMOV, Missouri American Water is likely to break the current record for most water main breaks in one month,…

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sunken concrete due to voids

How Do Voids Under Concrete Form?

When the ground under a concrete slab erodes, it can cause a lot of problems. Homes with basements usually have the most problems, but voids can impact driveways, patios, sidewalks, and more. The erosion causes air pockets or voids to develop under the concrete slab, taking support away from the surface. Causes of Voids There…

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