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Is Water Ponding on Your Drive or Patio?

Have you noticed, especially after recent heavy rains, water ponding on your patio, driveway, or other concrete slabs? While there may be no visible cracks, somehow the concrete has settled or sunk, and water simply accumulates there, unable to run off. Besides being inconvenient and unsightly, it presents a safety hazard for your family and…

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Earth Contact Products are the Highest Level

Concrete Leveling and Lifting with Earth Contact Products, a division of Pro Foundation Technology, specializes in lifting and leveling concrete foundations and slabs. One common technique in foundation repair is to utilize piers to lift and stabilize a damaged foundation. Because we want the repair to be permanent, we use only the highest-quality foundation…

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Restoring a Historic Building’s Foundation

Historic Building Foundations Reasons for Foundation Failure in Historic Buildings Historic buildings, like all structures, often develop problems with a foundation that is sinking or become unleveled over time. There is some special consideration to keep in mind in restoring historic building foundations. Older buildings are particularly prone to foundation failure for a number of reasons….

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Polyjacking Restores Historic Belle Meade Plantation

Built in 1807 by John Harding, the historic Belle Meade Plantation developed into a 400-acre thoroughbred horse farm with its own train station, horse park, Greek-revival mansion, and housing for servants and former slaves. Today, Belle Meade Plantation includes 34 acres of its original property and several buildings, including the mansion and several outbuildings. It…

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Natural Gas Field BF

Concrete Leveling at Denver Gas Company

Polyjacking Helps Anadarko Petroleum Anadarko Petroleum operates six hydraulic fracturing stations on the Wattenberg Gas Field located beneath the states of Colorado and Wyoming. When an inlet pipe broke recently at its station just north of Denver, CO, injection fluid drained beneath the concrete slab at the station. This caused 3- to 5-inch voids to…

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Top 8 Warning Signs of Foundation Problems

Top 8 Warning Signs of Foundation Problems It is very common for homes to develop foundation issues at some point in their life. Right after construction, all homes have some degree of natural settling. Eventually, water leaks, changes in soil, hydrostatic pressure, and many other factors contribute to foundation problems. Following is a list of…

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Spring Home and Foundation Repair Checklist

Signs of Home and Foundation Damage As a homeowner in Kansas or Missouri, it is critical to the life of your home that you regularly inspect your home and foundation. Damage to your home’s structure or foundation can appear at any time of the year, but Spring is when signs are most noticeable. In case…

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Poor Yard Drainage Can Cause Problems

Poor Yard Drainage Sometimes yards, driveways, and sidewalks in Kansas and Missouri can be flooded during March and April. Melting snow and springtime rains can lead to excess water and slow runoff. Poor yard drainage may cause many problems in your lawn, gardens, external concrete walkways, and foundations, including: Mud in your lawn where children…

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Memorial Union BF

Historic Memorial Union Gets New Life with Polyurethane Foam

With its beautiful Gothic architecture and bell tower, the Memorial Union at the University of Missouri has unfortunately been slowly deteriorating. This iconic building was built to honor the 117 Mizzou alumni who died in WWI. Due to soil erosion and severe dry conditions, voids and cavities formed beneath the surface. In turn, this caused…

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Did You Know Missouri is a Prominent Place for Sinkholes?

Did you know sinkholes are a common feature in Missouri? Most areas of Missouri are susceptible to sinkholes due to frequent exposure to water and the type of rocks underlying the soil. In fact, there are over 15,000 sinkholes in Missouri, and a lot more exist that are not reported or documented. If you are…

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