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Municipal Applications for Concrete Leveling and Polyjacking

Repairing damaged concrete in municipal areas takes professional work, much experience, and top-quality products. In order to have concrete that will be stable and long-lasting, it is important to hire the right crew who can get the job done efficiently using the right tools and methods. Our professionals here at can help you with…

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commercial polyjacking

Commercial Floor Repair

Commercial Floor Repair and Concrete Leveling Commercial floor repair can be done by the professionals at, a division of Pro Foundation Technology. Our team of professionals wants to assure our clients that the job will be done right the first time and that your floors will be ready for flooring installation. We have been…

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Ice and Concrete Don’t Mix

Icy, Winter Months in Kansas City and St. Louis The winter months have set in and there is a lot of frozen precipitation in the St. Louis and Kansas City area. Ice and snow can damage the concrete around your home or business. As it gets into the pores of the slab, it can cause the…

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Void Detection

What Causes Voids? When voids form beneath the concrete, they can cause many issues such as settlement, cracking, and sinking foundations. These voids can form due to a number of reasons such as: Soil Shrinkage – When there are periods of hot and dry weather, soil shrinkage can form voids beneath foundations and concrete. Erosion…

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polyjacking is better than mudjacking

The Benefits of Using Polyurethane for Lifting Concrete

Settling Concrete in Kansas City Settling concrete foundations cause structural problems such as sloped floors, floor cracks, and sticking windows and doors. If the settlement becomes severe enough, it could lead to complete foundation failure. To avoid this fate, it is important that you invest in concrete lifting and leveling services as soon as you…

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ice in St. Louis and Kansas City

Extreme Weather and the Effect On Your Concrete

Extreme Weather in Kansas City Residents in Kansas City, MO are used to snowy and icy winters. But what is different in the past few years is the extent and number of icy, snowy storms that this area has endured. These long, extended periods of ice and snow will affect your concrete and in the…

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How Does Winter Affect Concrete?

Winter in Kansas City Cold weather can cause many issues for the concrete surrounding your home or business in Kansas City and St. Louis. When water freezes it expands and produces pressure in the pores of the concrete. If this pressure exceeds the tensile strength of the concrete, the concrete will rupture. The effects of…

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polyjacking vs mudjacking

What Causes Voids in Kansas City and St. Louis?

Void & Concrete Repair Most people think concrete repair is needed for mature, existing concrete structures caused by outside elements. However, concrete repair can also be needed for newer construction. If concrete is so widely used in the construction industry, why does it sometimes form voids under the surface and deteriorate so quickly? Unfortunately, this may…

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polyjacking St. Louis

What Can Be Polyjacked?

What is Polyjacking and Why is it Beneficial? At, we use poly equipment and trucks to lift the concrete slab. Polyjacking is a process that requires raising the concrete slab by drilling holes through the top surface of the affected slab, then injecting high-density polyurethane foam into the holes to fill in voids and…

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The Effect of Water on Concrete

Types of Concrete Issues Since concrete surfaces are hard, most people don’t think of them as being porous. In fact, they have a capillary structure that consists of millions of microscopic cracks and holes that absorb water like a sponge. Too much or too little water can make the concrete expand or contract, causing cracks, heaving,…

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