Concrete Cracking in St. Louis and Kansas City

Concrete crack repair in Kansas City by PolyjackingConcrete cracking should not be ignored. If you notice concrete cracks in your basement, garage floor, patio or pool in the Kansas City or St. Louis area, let the experts inspect your home and the cracks to determine what repair solutions we can offer you.

Concrete cracks are typically due to drying shrinkage and thermal movement. Once you see a crack, it more than likely will get larger over time and create even larger problems. Cracks in your concrete is not only unsightly, but may hinder the value of our home. will investigate and evaluate the number and location of your concrete cracks and determine the best solution for your concrete repair. The clay soil and changing temperatures in Kansas City and St. Louis does a lot of damage to concrete. The clay soil expands when wet and shrinks when dry. This constant shifting of the soil causes voids beneath the concrete, causing the concrete to shift and move, creating cracks.

Don't let concrete cracks become a tripping hazard or lower the value of your home. We can repair the cracks in your concrete and permanently repair the concrete so there won't be a problem in the future. We offer many solutions for concrete crack repair in St. Louis, Kansas City, and the surrounding areas.

Concrete Cracking Repair in Kansas City and St. Louis offers polyurethane concrete leveling solutions for concrete cracking repair in Kansas City and St. Louis.

Our polyurethane concrete leveling uses high-density polyurethane foam that is injected into small holes drilled into the affected concrete and the foam fills the voids beneath the concrete, repairing cracks and lifting the foundation back to its original level.

The best process for concrete cracking repair is high density polyurethane injection. Using polyurethane trucks and proper poly equipment, it is a relatively simple process:

  • A small hole, 5/8", is drilled through the affected concrete
  • Polyurethane foam is injected into the void beneath the concrete. As it expands, the concrete is raised back to its original position and permanently stabilized
  • The holes are filled and equipment removed
  • Short hardening time of the polyurethane material, the concrete surface is immediately ready for use

For all of your concrete cracking repair in St. Louis or Kansas City, contact the experts at We have the solutions for all of your needs. We have been in business since 1978 and use the best products for concrete repair. The processes we use will permanently repair your concrete so you won't have future problems. Don't hesitate, contact us today!


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