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Concrete Crazing in St. Louis and Kansas City

If you have seen very fine and random cracks that are not very deep and are in a random pattern in your concrete, this is referred to as craze cracking. It usually occurs when the top surface dries too quickly, causing that surface to shrink at a different rate than the surface underneath it.

Concrete crazing repair in St. Louis and Kansas City by PFTThese cracks are very small and are found in the top surface of the concrete. The most important factor that causes concrete crazing is humidity in the drying period during the wetting and drying cycle.

A surface layer rich in cement will experience greater stress and be more subject to crazing. The cracks do not impact the performance of the concrete slab, but are merely a visual blemish.

Crazing is Ugly

If you have just poured a new slab at your Kansas City or St. Louis home and it is showing signs of crazing, you are more than likely disappointed.

These surface cracks are more cosmetic in nature, as opposed to cracks that will cause major damage to your concrete. However, you probably don't want your concrete to be full of cracks, looking like a bunch of puzzle pieces.

Polyjacking.com offers concrete crazing solutions for any type of concrete slab you have: patios, driveways, warehouse floors, decks, and so on.

Concrete Crazing Repair in Kansas City and St. Louis

Concrete crazing repair in St. Louis and Kansas CityDon't let concrete crazing leave you with an unsightly concrete slab. Polyjacking.com will repair your residential or industrial concrete and make it look new again without concrete replacement.

The process is fairly simple and involves grinding off the top layer of concrete to leave a smooth, unblemished surface. The top is then sealed, protecting the slab.

Once the process is complete, your concrete slab will be restored to its original look without losing any of its durability and strength.

Polyjacking.com and Crazing Repair for St. Louis and Kansas City

Polyjacking.com is a family-owned and operated company that has been in business since 1978. We use only the best products and poly equipment available for concrete repair in St. Louis, Kansas City, and the surrounding areas.

Our experienced crew can handle any size project. Don't hesitate, contact us today!

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