Concrete Floor/Slab Leveling and Lifting

If the concrete floor or slab at your Kansas City home or business is not level, it is probably because the soil beneath the floor or slab has shifted and settled over time. The extreme changes in moisture and temperature levels in Missouri and Kansas cause the soil to have repeated cycles of compaction and expansion. This shifting of the soil leaves voids beneath your home, causing your floor to become uneven. It is important that you don't allow your concrete floor or slab to continue to sink and crack. If ignored, you could do further damage to your structure decreasing its value. The professionals at can give your sinking floor or slab a free inspection and find the solution to lift and level it.

Benefits of Polyjacking for Floor/Slab Leveling and Lifting

The process of polyjacking is very simple. First, a professional will drill a few carefully placed holes through the affected area. Next, our special waterproof polyurethane formula will be injected through the holes. As it is being injected, the polyurethane solution will expand, filling every corner of the void beneath your concrete floor or slab. Once the process is complete, the floor or surface will be ready for immediate everyday use.

Injecting with polyjacking has many benefits, including the following:

  • Simple but effective process
  • Requires no excavation
  • Fast curing time
  • Cheaper than replacing your concrete
  • Can be used in a variety of situations
  • Can be used in many different places
  • Fills and strengthens soil beneath concrete
  • Provides waterproofing protection

Common Concrete Floors and Slab Surfaces Requiring Repair provides expert lifting, leveling, and repair for a wide range of concrete floors and slabs. Please link to the specific pages if you require the following services:

There are many areas where polyjacking is a practical solution for floor or slab lifting and leveling, including residences, apartment buildings, shopping malls, parking lots, government buildings, commercial buildings, factories and warehouses, industrial buildings, agricultural buildings, sports arenas, auditoriums and theaters, airports, and more. For any of your concrete lifting and leveling needs, contact today!

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