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Concrete Grinding

Concrete is one of the strongest foundation building materials out there, but that does not mean that it is totally immune to wear and tear. Eventually, the concrete slab could become worn down due to traffic, moisture, or temperature changes. This leads to a rough, uneven surface that needs to be ground smooth again.

At Polyjacking.com, we can make your concrete look new again with concrete grinding.

Concrete Grinding Kansas City, Concrete Grinding St. LouisConcrete grinding can be performed after the concrete has been leveled and stabilized. You may want to consider this method if your building is in need of concrete floor repair or needs a new floor covering or coating.

Concrete grinding is the process used to smooth out a concrete surface before it is sealed, to erase imperfections, and to generally level out the floor. It can also eliminate bumps and uneven patches on sidewalks, warehouse floors, and other raised slabs.

To grind the concrete surface, a diamond or resin bond disc is used. These discs have a fine grit on them that wears down the concrete until it is smooth and free of tripping hazards. Our diamond grinders are efficient, effective, and make short work of even the biggest jobs. No matter what type of job you need to be done, we can provide you with quality concrete grinding services.

Concrete Grinding Features & Advantages

  • Concrete Grinding Kansas City and St. LouisRemoves the top few millimeters of the concrete surface.
  • Levels concrete to eliminate tripping hazards caused by uneven alignment or settling of concrete slabs.
  • Removes old floor coverings and adhesives such as VCT tile, carpet adhesive, sheet vinyl, wax stains, epoxy and urethane coatings, mastic glues, mortar beds, and more.
  • Preps floors for stains, epoxy or acrylic overlays, carpet adhesives, urethane, or any new floor covering.
  • Removes uneven or rough spots, excess grout, humps and surface indentations from any concrete slab.
  • Levels unevenly poured slabs

Concrete grinding is available for any municipal, commercial, industrial, or residential project. This includes warehouses, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, automotive shops, showroom floors, and residential interiors and garages.

Contact us today for all of your concrete repair needs in Kansas City, St. Louis, and the surrounding area.

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