Concrete Heaving

Concrete heaving repair in Kansas City and St. Louis by PFTThe St. Louis and Kansas City area may experience concrete problems due to frost heaving. This can damage many types of concrete and masonry including sidewalks, patios, slabs, retaining wall and foundation walls.

The cold temperature in St. Louis and Kansas City causes cement to contract while heat causes expansion. When water freezes it takes 10% more volume than when it is liquid. So where freezing water occupies a confined space, it exerts tremendous expansive force. This extreme force will heave the cement surrounding your home.

Other causes of concrete heaving is when the clay-rich soil in Kansas City and St. Louis absorbs all of the moisture rather then allowing it to drain through. When this water is absorbed, it can cause the same destruction as frost heaving.

Concrete Heaving Solutions

Concrete heaving repair uses polyjacking to get your concrete back to its original level. This method is much more cost effective than replacing concrete. We use high-density polyurethane that is injected through the affected area to fill any voids beneath the concrete.

The process is relatively simple:

  • A small hole is drilled through the affected concrete
  • Polyurethane foam is injected into the void beneath the concrete. As it expands, the concrete is raised back to its original position and permanently stabilized
  • The holes are filled and poly equipment is removed
  • Short hardening time of the polyurethane material, the concrete surface is immediately ready for use

There are many advantages to high-density polyurethane concrete leveling compared to other methods. Some of these advantages are:

  • More economical - provides a permanent solution that is much more cost effective that removing and replacing concrete.
  • Superior accuracy - Polyurethane foam creates its own hydraulic lift so we can control the lifting process precisely.
  • Conformability - Polyurethane foam contours to the size and shape of the voids to completely support the pavement with 100% coverage
  • Lighter weight - Polyurethane adds only 3-5 pounds per cubic foot the sub base compared to 100 pounds plus that mudjacking grout adds
  • Better structural integrity - The concrete pavement injection holes are only 5/8" in diameter compared to 3" or larger for other concrete lifting methods
  • Moisture resistant - seals the underside of concrete pavement joins and cracks to eliminate water penetration and erosion issues. has the experience and uses the best products for concrete heaving repair. We serve the Kansas City, St. Louis and surrounding areas for any of your concrete repair needs. Contact us today!

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