Commercial Concrete Leveling in Minnesota is proud to offer our polyjacking services to commercial property owners in Minnesota.

Commercial Polyjacking Service in MN

Minnesota concrete levelingPolyjacking is a process in which a polyurethane injection is used to lift and stabilize the concrete to repair sinking and settling slabs.

  • The process begins with the team drilling a series of carefully placed holes into the slab. These small holes are positioned in such a way to provide maximum lift for the slab while preserving the highest amount of structural integrity of the concrete possible.
  • Next, a polyurethane foam material is injected into the void underneath the concrete through these holes. As the foam material is injected, it expands to fill the void and lift the slab. The expanding of the material and the resistance provided by lifting the concrete compact the soil, creating a more solid base for the entire slab.
  • The last step is to fill the holes and remove any equipment from the site.
  • Now that the injection is completed, the slab is good as new and ready for normal use

To make sure that this process is as safe as possible, we use our special Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). This radar allows us to locate utilities, tension cables, conduits, and other objects under the ground. With this knowledge, we can safely avoid these things when we drill.

Polyjacking for Commercial Projects in Minnesota

It's important to choose the best method for your commercial concrete slab repair needs in Minnesota. We've found that polyjacking is the best method over other alternatives.

One of the advantages of polyjacking is that it is more affordable and convenient than other concrete leveling methods. This is because it involves little equipment, cures fast, and consists of a relatively simple and non-invasive process. Polyjacking also offers great results; the foam material used by is highly durable and the injection process allows us to control the lifting within a tenth of an inch. There are also moisture-resistant qualities that make our polyurethane injection a great choice - it is specifically designed to resist moisture without being compromised and acts as a great moisture barrier to eliminate penetration and erosion problems.

Whether it is a highway, parking lot, apartment building, sidewalk, or bridge, has the concrete lifting services to help you out with your commercial property. Contact us today for commercial concrete repair services in Minnesota.

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