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Commercial Concrete Leveling and Repair in Arkansas

A concrete slab is a common type of commercial foundation in Arkansas. The slab is used in everything from warehouses to schools to parking lots. It is important to keep slabs level as a sloped, cracked, or uneven slab can cause lots of issues, especially for the structures built on top of them. If your slab is uneven or is sinking, it can cause the walls to lean or bow, the doors and windows to stick or jam, and can also cause cracks to develop in floors or walls. These problems can promote water and moisture issues. These problems can be dangerous and may require expensive repairs and even lead to the collapse of the structure. That is why it is important to invest in concrete lifting services to repair the issue before it becomes even worse. Polyjacking.com can supply Arkansas businesses with a long-lasting and cost-effective industrial concrete leveling repair.

Polyjacking Services

industrial concrete leveling ArkansasThe varying extreme weather conditions in Arkansas can cause many problems for concrete. If there is a significant amount of rain, erosion can occur. This can wash the soil away from underneath the concrete, creating voids under the slab. Loss of support can also happen when it is too dry. Very dry conditions can cause the soil to shrink, forming voids. These voids can cause concrete to shift and settle. If this is the case, concrete leveling services from a professional company such as Polyjacking.com are recommended.

Polyjacking is an effective process where a foam material is injected underneath the slab to fill voids. The foam expands quickly to raise the concrete to its original level. It also compacts the soil around it, creating a more secure base for the slab. The last step is clean up. The Polyjacking.com team fills the holes and removes equipment and the slab is ready to use in less than an hour.

Benefits of Polyjacking for Concrete Leveling

There are many good reasons to choose Polyjacking.com's services for your concrete leveling needs. Our polyurethane injection is economical - it is a much cheaper solution than tearing out and replacing the existing slab. Unlike mudjacking and the slurry that process uses, the polyurethane material itself is highly durable and conforms to the shape of the voids, expanding to fill all cracks and crevices. It is also an efficient and accurate method to lift concrete. The polyurethane also has a fast curing time, making it less disruptive and versatile; it can be used to quickly lift and level roads, shopping mall floors, parking lots, apartment floors, or workshop floors.

For a highly effective and accurate way to restore your concrete slab in Arkansas to its proper position, contact Polyjacking.com. Our experienced team will work to give you the best possible service.

Contact Polyjacking.com for Commercial Concrete Lifting and Leveling

Polyjacking.com specializes in using polyjacking to lift and level concrete slabs for a wide range of commercial applications in Arkansas. If you are experiencing concrete sinking or settling, contact Polyjacking.com.


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