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Arlington Heights, IL

polyjacking arlington heights ilIf you have cracks in your sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot in Arlington Heights, contact Polyjacking.com. We offer concrete leveling methods to stabilize your concrete in all industrial settings.

To make sure the concrete leveling process runs smoothly, we use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate any underground embedded utilities and voids. GPR is safe, accurate, economical, and provides detailed 3D images. If a contractor uses X-Rays, the area has to be evacuated and the results may take some time to develop and be examined. GPR is instantaneous and poses no health risk to people nearby.

Commercial Polyjacking in Arlington Heights

Polyjacking.com offers a more effective alternative to concrete replacement. We offer polyjacking to restore, reuse, and lift settling concrete in Arlington Heights, IL. We have lifted warehouses, roads, driveways, sidewalks, basketball courts, and more.

There are several advantages to lifting and leveling concrete with polyurethane foam on your commercial property. It is a less invasive solution than mudjacking and offers permanent results. The process uses smaller drill holes than other methods and is a cleaner and faster application. The curing time is around 15 minutes.

Polyjacking.com has found that polyurethane foam gives the lasting results that industrial concrete leveling repairs need. The process provides a waterproof base for your concrete to rest on and it won't wash away over time. Your business won't be interrupted for a large amount of time, as the application takes little time to do and sets quickly. The polyurethane only needs one piece of equipment, so you won't have a fleet of trucks on your property for the polyjacking.

Polyjacking.com will help you determine the best concrete leveling method for settling concrete slab.

Contact Polyjacking.com today for all of your concrete lifting and leveling needs.


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