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Commercial Concrete Lifting in Cicero, IL

concrete lifting cicero, ilTo help maintain Cicero's appearance and safety, Pro Foundation Technology offers affordable concrete leveling and lifting methods to restore existing concrete for sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and basement concrete floors.

Due to climate changes and poor soil conditions, many businesses in Cicero will experience changes in their concrete pavement or floors. Some of these changes include cracks and settlement issues. To avoid major repairs in the future, hire our team of experts to assess your damaged concrete. We are trained to use high-density polyurethane, which is the best industrial concrete floor repair method on the market.

Benefits of Concrete Lifting in Cicero, IL

High-density polyurethane concrete leveling offers an array of benefits for industrial and commercial properties. Polyjacking is accurate within 1/10th of an inch and improves the structural integrity of the foundation underneath the slab. It takes about 15 minutes to cure and be usable, but the results last longer than other methods of concrete leveling.

The professionals at Polyjacking.com will come to your location and inspect your uneven concrete in Cicero and the surrounding areas. It is important that your concrete slab is strong. Cracks or uneven slabs can damage vehicles and equipment and injure customers and employees.

Polyjacking for Commercial Properties in Cicero, IL

polyjacking vs mudjacking cicero, ilPolyjacking is a relatively newer method used to stabilize and raise the slab back to normal. It has been around long enough to have a proven track record, though. We believe this is the best method for raising a concrete slab on commercial properties.

Like other methods, a material is injected into holes to lift the slab back in place. In the case of polyjacking, the injected material consists of polyurethane foam. It expands to 20 times its liquid volume, filling voids and gaps under the slab. It also compresses the soil around the foundation, fixing the root of the problem and preventing resettlement.

If you need more information about polyjacking, contact Polyjacking.com today. We'll help you determine the best method for your commercial project in Cicero, IL.

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