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Concrete Leveling in Columbia, Missouri

polyjacking vs. mudjacking in Columbia MOColumbia, MO is built on expansive soil, this kind of soil is very susceptible to excess moisture. Rain does not automatically mean that your home will experience foundation failure and will need foundation repair, but sometimes rainwater can soak the soil around and underneath your home, making the soil shift and move. This can create voids beneath your building's foundation which can make it possible for your foundation or the concrete to begin to sink and settle into the voids.

If you notice any signs of foundation failure, it may be time to seek out foundation repair services. As a homeowner, it is wise to know the signs of foundation failure so that you can identify them early. Some of these signs include wall cracks, sinking or settling foundations, sticking doors/windows, and uneven floors.

Polyjacking Services in Columbia, MO

If you are experiencing foundation settlement due to voids underneath your foundation left behind by shifting soil, we have the perfect foundation repair solution for you. This method of foundation repair is called polyjacking, a simple and effective way to fix your foundation settlement.

Most people automatically think that they will have to completely replace their concrete, but this is not true. Polyjacking will repair the problem at its source. If you just replace the concrete, eventually it will fail just like the previous slab. Once the polyjacking process is finished we can seal any cracks or chipping to make your concrete better than ever.

Polyjacking in Columbia, Missouri

polyjacking services concrete repair concrete leveling Columbia, MOJust recently, polyjacking has increased in popularity. The process is similar to mudjacking, except it uses polyurethane foam to fill voids and raise the slab. Before polyurethane became popular, it was only used in commercial applications, such as highways and streets. Today, the process is used for residential projects, as well.

Polyjacking is the most preferred because it offers the following benefits:

  • Permanent method
  • More attractive
  • Moisture resistant properties

Since polyjacking is a newer concrete repair method, you may have a difficult time locating a qualified professional in your area. So, for all your industrial concrete floor repair needs, make sure to call Polyjacking.com today.

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