Commercial Concrete Leveling in Georgia

What causes settling concrete slabs? Sinking concrete is common in Georgia, often caused by shifting or weak clay soils. When the soil under the concrete slab become weak, it is unable to support the weight of the concrete and the slab sinks. Weak areas of the slab may crack, causing uneven areas in the concrete.

concrete leveling, polyjacking GeorgiaAnother cause of settling concrete is the washout of soils. In Georgia, the weather is constantly changing from periods of dry weather to heavy rainfalls. These fluctuations wash out and erode the soil, providing little support for concrete slabs. Voids form underneath the slab, creating cracks on the surface. At, we provide a simple solution - concrete leveling.

In a commercial environment, cracked or sunken concrete can injure employees or customers, damage vehicles and equipment, and give a bad impression of your business.

Our concrete repair specialists use polyurethane injections to repair sinking, uneven, settling, and cracking concrete slabs.

Why Polyjacking is a Superior Method for Georgia

At we use polyjacking rather than the older traditional methods because polyjacking is faster, more accurate, more cost-effective, and longer-lasting. The process uses high-density polyurethane foam, which is injected underneath the slab to fill and lift it.

The foam fills in voids and cracks underneath the slab, sealing it from water in the ground below. The slab is lifted to within 1/10th of an inch of the desired height and the foam won't settle or wash away over time. The foam cures quickly, allowing you to use the slab about 15 minutes after the procedure is completed.

If you are experiencing the settling of your commercial concrete slab in Georgia, contact us today. will help you determine the best concrete leveling method for your situation.

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