Commercial Concrete Leveling in Illinois specializes in polyjacking, a polyurethane injection method used to lift and stabilize concrete slabs that have sunken or shifted. The polyurethane foam material that is injected during polyjacking is highly effective; it contours to the shape of the void, filling all of the cracks and spaces and also compacting the soil around it at the same time. is dedicated to providing you with industrial concrete floor repair for warehouses, shopping malls, and other locations.

Benefits of Polyjacking for Illinois Businesses

polyjacking vs mudjacking illinoisPolyjacking offers many unique benefits. First of all, it is much more affordable than replacing the existing concrete slab. It is also less disruptive than other methods, as the concrete is ready for use about 15 minutes after injection. The polyurethane material expands and conforms to the concrete, providing an excellent quality repair. It is so accurate, that we are able to control the lifting process within a tenth of an inch.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of polyjacking is its wide versatility. Polyurethane foam works well in any situation. It can be used on industrial and commercial applications, such as courtyards, highways, apartments, sidewalks, warehouses, schools, parking lots, and more.

Commercial Polyjacking in Illinois

Over the years, polyjacking has gained popularity because it offers more advantages over other methods of concrete repair. When choosing the best concrete leveling method, it's important to know the benefits of polyjacking.

Polyjacking requires smaller and fewer injection holes than other options. It also uses lightweight, high-density polyurethane material that contours to the shape and size of voids. The foam seals cracks and gaps on the bottom of the slab, protecting it from water damage.

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