Concrete Leveling in Kansas

At, we use high-density polyurethane concrete leveling to underseal and level highways, sidewalks, bridge approaches, courtyards, schools, homes, and concrete slabs in Kansas.

What is Polyjacking?

polyjacking vs mudjacking kansasThe polyjacking process is relatively simple with the proper equipment and materials. First, we drill a small hole through the affected concrete. Second, we inject polyurethane foam into the void beneath the concrete slab. As the foam expands, the concrete is moved to its original position and stabilized. Third, the holes are filled and the work site is cleaned up. Finally, the concrete surface is ready for use.

How do we avoid cutting utilities or rebar when drilling holes into the slab? To accurately diagnosis concrete problems prior to construction, we use an advanced signal software called Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). GPR accurately locates embedded utilities, conduit, tension cables, hidden voids, and objects in the structure and concrete slab. GPR is accurate, safe, cost-effective, and fast.

Polyjacking in Kansas

From concrete garage floors to sidewalks, polyjacking is much more affordable than tearing out concrete.

Concrete Repair KansasPolyjacking lifts and supports weak concrete slabs by drilling holes and injecting a polyurethane foam under the slab. When the void under the concrete is filled with the mixture, the concrete is lifted and leveled back to its original position. The holes are patched and the foam cures in about 15 minutes.

Polyjacking not only fixes settling concrete, it eliminates the cause of settlement. Polyurethane is injected into loose soils and fills voids under the slab. It strengthens the soil and provides a moisture seal barrier. It can be installed in any climate.

Additional Concrete Leveling Service in Kansas

After your concrete slab has been leveled, also offers concrete grinding. Concrete grinding prepares the surface for a floor covering or coating. It also removes rough spots and bumps from any concrete slab.

After concrete grinding your surface floors, consider sealing it. This process offers many benefits. It reduces maintenance costs, lowers the amount of dust, resists moisture, and strengthens the floor surface.

In the state of Kansas, is a licensed contractor specializing in stabilizing and leveling concrete slabs. Contact us today if you need concrete repair in the Kansas service area.

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