Commercial Concrete Lifting in Little Rock, Arkansas

Your commercial building in Little Rock, AR may experience concrete slab issues due to the high humid weather and dry weather conditions.'s high-density polyurethane concrete leveling process will give your concrete the permanent solution needed to get your slabs back to their original position.

Polyjacking Services for Little Rock, AR specializes in lifting and leveling commercial concrete floors, including:

The preferred concrete repair method used is polyjacking. This process involves drilling a small 5/8" hole through the affected area in the concrete and injecting a high-density polyurethane foam into the void beneath the concrete. As this polyurethane foam expands, the concrete is raised back to its original position. This will permanently stabilize the concrete. Once the injection is complete, the concrete can be used immediately.

Benefits of Concrete Leveling with Polyjacking

Commercial concrete leveling and lifting little rock, arThe quick hardening time of this high-density polyurethane enables the concrete surface to be used about 15 minutes after injection. The material prevents water from penetrating so there will be no future erosion problems.

This method is more economical, more efficient, and is more accurate than other methods of concrete leveling. It provides a permanent solution that is less expensive than the cost of removing and replacing existing concrete. The projects can be completed in hours versus the days or weeks that other methods require.

Polyurethane is a solid and dense product, yet its tensile strength allows for the material to be pliable allowing it to permanently support the structure by being tough, yet forgiving.  It also creates a moisture seal barrier to eliminate water penetration and erosion issues. Polyjacking is a very accurate method for concrete lifting and leveling. We are able to control the lifting process within 10/100th of an inch.

Why Polyjacking is Used in Little Rock, AR

polyjacking vs mudjacking in little rock, arOther methods have been used for decades as a cost-effective alternative to replacing settling concrete. In recent years, polyjacking has replaced traditional methods as a more effective and reliable method for commercial concrete leveling. Some advantages of polyjacking include:

  • Smaller and fewer holes
  • Lightweight polyurethane foam that prevents resettlement
  • Long-term concrete leveling solution
  • Polyurethane foam expands from 4 to 15 feet from the injection area

Contact for Commercial Concrete Leveling is family owned and operated. Our experienced team can handle any size project for commercial and industrial properties. Whatever your concrete leveling and lifting needs are in Little Rock, AR, let the professionals at offer you the permanent solution. specializes in commercial concrete lifting and leveling in Little Rock, AR. Contact us for your next project. We'll help you develop a high-quality and long-lasting repair solution for your commercial concrete slab.

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