Commercial Concrete Leveling in Oklahoma specializes in commercial concrete lifting and leveling in order to repair concrete in Oklahoma before it needs to be removed and replaced.

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Some of the more common concrete problems are:

If you have any of these concrete problems, contact an expert from to provide you an estimate for your foundation repair needs in Oklahoma.

What is Polyjacking for Oklahoma?

Polyjacking is the leading concrete leveling method in Oklahoma. This procedure involves injecting an expanding polyurethane foam beneath a concrete slab to raises and stabilizes it. Once the injection process is complete, the slab is once again ready for regular use. The polyurethane injection is an excellent way to raise sinking foundations, as the expanding nature of the polyurethane and the resistance of the leveling of the concrete work to compact the soil, creating a solid base for the slab.

Why Polyjacking is Preferred in Oklahoma

Polyjacking is used to raise and support settling slabs and has become the most preferred method for Oklahoma businesses because it is quicker, lasts longer, and is more cost-effective.

There are lots of specific advantages to selecting's polyjacking for your concrete leveling needs:

  • polyjacking vs mudjacking Oklahoma, polyjacking OK, polyjacking OklahomaEfficiency: The fast curing time and non-invasive method make polyjacking an extremely efficient method of concrete repair.
  • Accuracy: With our polyurethane foam's hydraulic lift, we are able to precisely lift a slab within 10/100th of an inch. Plus, our polyurethane will never shrink.
  • Durability: The high compressive and tensile strength of the material means that it is impressively durable and long-lasting.
  • Conformability: The polyurethane foam expands to completely fill the void, giving 100% coverage.
  • Moisture Resistance: The foam material is specially designed to resist moisture and acts as a moisture seal for the underside of pavement joints and cracks.
  • Versatility: Polyjacking can be used for concrete leveling in a variety of commercial, residential, and industrial situations such as parking lots, highways, warehouses, apartment buildings, schools, courtyards, sidewalks, and bridges.

Because we value your safety and satisfaction above all, we use a special technology called Ground Penetrating Radar (GRP). This signal software allows us to locate and avoid hazards such as utilities, conduits, tension cables, and other underground objects when we drill. Investing in this precaution means that we can avoid costly and dangerous mistakes.

Contact for Commercial Concrete Leveling in Oklahoma specializes in doing polyurethane injections for commercial concrete leveling and lifting in Oklahoma. For professional concrete leveling and repair in Oklahoma, contact today.

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