Concrete Leveling in Sikeston, Missouri

Make sure to call us for all your concrete leveling needs in Sikeston, MO. If you identify these signs early, that may mean easier, cheaper, and faster repairs.

Polyjacking in Sikeston, MO

At, we know the importance of making informed decisions about concrete repairs on your property. That's why we provide accurate information about polyjacking for concrete raising in Sikeston, MO.

Polyjacking is similar to other methods, but it uses polyurethane foam to raise sunken concrete back to normal. Unlike the thick slurry mixture for other methods, polyurethane foam is thin and lightweight. This allows the material to expand under the slab, stabilizing loose soils, and filling voids. The material cures within 15 minutes. Raising settled concrete with polyurethane is a permanent solution, not a temporary fix like other methods.

Polyjacking Services in Sikeston, MO

We here at have many different solutions for all your foundation failure problems. If you are experiencing foundation settlement due to shifting and moving soil we have the perfect solution for you. This solution is called polyjacking and it is a cost-effective, strong, long-lasting, and simple solution to your foundation failure.

polyjacking vs mudjacking Sikeston MOPolyjacking in Sikeston, MO has a variety of benefits besides its fast curing time. Some of these benefits include:

  • Cost-effective
  • Long-lasting
  • Quick process
  • Little disturbance
  • Small equipment

Polyjacking is the perfect solution for most applications. This process is effective because it lifts and stabilizes your foundation back into its original position. Once the structure's foundation or concrete is back to normal it can be fixed if it had been cracking. Polyjacking is an effective way to fix your foundation settlement due to shifting and moving soil and voids. It is much better than replacing your concrete, which can be very expensive. We know that property owners in Sikeston want quality work at a competitive price.

To learn more about our polyjacking foundation lifting and leveling services, make sure to contact us. We are a team of experienced professionals who have the knowledge, tools, and technology to give you top quality foundation leveling repair in the Sikeston, Missouri area. Give us a call today!

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