Commercial Concrete Leveling and Lifting in Southaven, Mississippi

With all of the rainfall that Southaven, MS experiences, it can cause concrete and foundation problems. Excessive rain can cause the soil beneath your concrete and foundation to expand, causing concrete and foundation movement. offers professional concrete lifting services to raise and stabilize your foundation. If you are in need of commercial concrete leveling or lifting, the professionals at can help.

Polyjacking Services for Southaven, MS

The process of polyjacking is relatively simple. We drill several small, carefully placed holes throughout the damaged concrete. Next, we inject a special waterproof polyurethane formula into the holes which will fill the voids entirely beneath the concrete. This polyurethane foam expands as soon as it is injected. The concrete is lifted and leveled immediately and is ready to use about 15 minutes after injection due to the fast curing time.

Polyjacking in Southaven, MS by Polyjacking.comThere are many advantages for using polyjacking for concrete repair. Polyjacking is much less expensive than replacing your damaged concrete. Replacing concrete will not fix the problem due to the fact that the new concrete will sink and settle like the last one did due to the voids underneath. Polyjacking is more effective and will last longer. It gives the concrete a strong base and the special waterproof formula makes it safe from moisture damage in the future. With its fast curing time, the concrete is ready to use immediately after the repair is completed.

Polyjacking for Commercial Applications in Southaven, MS

Polyjacking has been the method of choice in recent years, especially in commercial applications.

Benefits of Polyjacking

  • Polyurethane is water resistant
  • Prevents future settlement caused by soil erosion
  • Cures in 15 minutes
  • Uses 100% recycled material
  • Fewer and smaller holes are drilled


Polyjacking is definitely more cost-effective than complete concrete replacement. If you have commercial concrete damage in the Southaven, MS, let come and inspect your concrete and offer you the best concrete repair methods for your needs. Contact us today!


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