Commercial Concrete Leveling in Tennessee

The state of Tennessee experiences a variety of weather during the year. Fluctuations in moisture and temperature can cause the soil to expand and contract, forming voids under concrete slabs.

Voids like this can also form if erosion occurs due to excessive amounts of rain. Fortunately, offers concrete lifting services for commercial applications in Tennessee. Our professional concrete repair specialists can ensure that your concrete slab is back to normal. To effectively lift your concrete slab, a polyurethane injection is used to fill voids and lift the slab.

Because we want all of our repairs to be safe as well as effective, we use a technology called Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). This is a signal software that allows us to locate utilities, tension cables, conduits, and other invisible obstructions in the concrete before we begin drilling. By using this technology, we can avoid costly and dangerous mistakes, keeping you and your property safe.

Why is Polyjacking a Superior Method?

polyjacking vs. mudjacking tennesseePolyjacking is designed to lift and level sunken concrete. While other methods have been used for decades, polyjacking has proven to be the superior method, especially for commercial applications, for the following reasons:

  • Requires fewer and smaller drill holes
  • Material expands and fills in voids
  • Cures within 15 minutes
  • Moisture resistant properties
  • Stabilizes loose soils under the slab

Because polyurethane is lightweight and dense, it doesn't create a burden on loose soil. It retains its shape and form, preventing further settlement.

Advantages of for Commercial Concrete Leveling

The many benefits of polyjacking make it an excellent choice for your commercial concrete leveling needs. Some of these benefits include:

  • Affordability: Because it does not involve tearing out and replacing old concrete, polyjacking is a much more affordable option than many other methods.
  • Effectiveness: The expanding nature of the foam allows it to effectively fill voids and lift the concrete. It is also strong enough to support nearly any type of slab.
  • Convenience: The small amount of required equipment and fast curing time make polyjacking an incredibly convenient method for concrete leveling.
  • Accuracy: With our high-quality polyurethane foam and experienced team, we are able to control the lift within exactly 1/10th of an inch for accurate repairs.
  • Versatility: Polyjacking can be used for concrete leveling in nearly every situation, whether it is industrial, residential, or commercial.

If you need concrete leveling for your slab, contact today. Our services are used throughout Tennessee to repair driveways, warehouse floors, schools, sidewalks, highways, bridges, apartment floors, parking lots, shopping mall floors, courtyards, and more.

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