Commercial Concrete Leveling in Texas

Concrete structures are made to be permanent, but weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and heat can eventually cause cracking and deterioration. At, we offer concrete leveling services to stabilize your sidewalk, driveway, pool area, or patio in Texas. Because concrete surfaces get worse over time, it's essential to keep your slab in good condition.

The Polyjacking Process for Texas

Polyjacking is a quite simple process when the right materials are used for the project. Our concrete leveling method is more accurate, effective, durable, and faster than other concrete leveling methods on the market. The process involves the following steps:

  1. polyjacking vs. mudjacking in texasWe drill a small hole into the damaged concrete slab.
  2. We inject a polyurethane foam into the hole underneath the slab. As the foam expands, the concrete is lifted into its original position.
  3. We fill the holes and clean the work site.
  4. The concrete is ready for use in about fifteen minutes.

Polyjacking in Texas

Polyjacking is used to repair sunken concrete slabs for driveways, foundations, garages, sidewalks, etc. Polyjacking has several benefits over traditional methods, making it the most preferred repair method in today's industry.

With older methods, there are several drawbacks. The slurry mixture is heavy and not moisture-resistant, making it susceptible to erosion and can wash away over time. It also creates a burden on weak and loose soils, causing resettlement. On the other hand, polyjacking uses one truck, no heavy equipment, and less manpower. Because polyurethane is lightweight, fewer and smaller holes than the ones needed for mudjacking are drilled through the slab. The foam expands, filling cavities and voids underneath the slab. The curing process is complete within 15 minutes.

Why You Should Use Polyjacking

Polyurethane foam offers the following benefits:

  • Cost Effective - It is a permanent solution that is less expensive than concrete replacement.
  • Accurate - It creates a hydraulic lift that can be controlled by 10/1000th of an inch.
  • Moisture Resistant - Polyurethane foam can withstand wet conditions.
  • Multitude of applications - This method can be applied to homes, shopping mall floors, parking lots, apartment buildings, and sports arenas.
  • Better Structural Support - We maintain the structure of the concrete by drilling small holes.

At, our contractors are licensed and trained to lift, support, and stabilize concrete slabs by using the latest technology. Whether you need to repair a home or commercial building, we can handle any job. Contact us today, if you need concrete leveling in Texas.

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