Concrete Leveling in Topeka, Kansas

Regardless of the nature of your concrete's problem, the professionals at have the solution for your Topeka, KS home or business.

Some of the more common concrete problems are:

Although there are a few different methods for repairing concrete, we specialize in polyjacking as we believe it to be the most affordable, efficient, and accurate solution. Polyjacking involves the injection of high-density polyurethane foam into a small opening drilled into the most problematic area of the concrete. Upon application, the foam expands and spreads to fill any voids that are causing the concrete to become cracked or uneven.

Our professionals rely on Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to aid us in detecting any existing voids in the concrete. This system is fast and accurate, allowing us to better serve your needs. It accurately locates any underground structures, voids, and objects through the use of a high-frequency radar antenna as well as signal software. After any obstructions in the concrete have been identified, our experts are able to determine the proper injection site for the polyurethane foam.

Polyjacking offers a considerably more efficient and budget-friendly alternative to the complete upheaval and replacement of the affected concrete, and unlike freshly poured concrete, it can be used almost immediately after leveling.

Polyjacking in Topeka, KS

Due to soil erosion, compaction, soil evaporation, and the freeze/thaw cycle, concrete surfaces sink over time. It's important that you inspect your slab for cracks to prevent liability issues, injuries, and costly repairs.

polyjacking vs mudjacking topeka ksIf you want permanent results with no future settlement, then polyjacking is the best concrete leveling method.

Polyjacking Services in Topeka, KS

Polyjacking is ideal for a wide array of projects, including:

  • Highway leveling
  • Structure stabilization
  • Manhole leak repair
  • Bridge approach void filling
  • Airport runway leveling
  • Pavement lifting/leveling/under sealing
  • Concrete patios
  • Slab basements

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