Concrete Settling & Repair in Kansas City and St. Louis

Concrete settling and sinking repair in Kansas City and St. LouisIf you have noticed your sidewalk, patio, or driveway is not level and seems to be sinking, this is due to the soil beneath it that shifts and sinks due to the changing soil conditions. The soil in this area is expansive, which means that it contracts when it is dry and expands when it is wet.

This constant shifting can cause voids beneath the concrete which in turns, causing the concrete to sink and settle into these voids.

Sinking concrete can cause tripping hazards along with being unsightly.

Keeping your home safe from these hazards is important. It also can cause the value of your home or business to decrease. The sooner the repair work is done, the better. The longer it is put off, the more damage that will occur.

The professionals at Polyjacking, a concrete leveling division of Pro Foundation Technology, have the solutions for your concrete repair needs.

We have the products and equipment to get your concrete back to its original level.

Polyjacking for Concrete Leveling

The process we use is polyjacking which is a high-density polyurethane foam that is injected beneath the damaged concrete and fills the voids below it. It is a relatively simple process.

  1. A small hole is first drilled through the damaged concrete.
  2. The polyurethane foam is injected using specialized equipment. This foam fills the voids completely and instantly raises the concrete back level again.
  3. The holes are filled and the site is cleaned up.
  4. The hardening time of polyurethane is short so the concrete surface is ready for use in about 15 minutes.

Polyurethane is impervious to water so once the concrete is repaired, you won't have to worry about future problems with your concrete sinking and settling.

Polyjacking > Other Methods

concrete settling and sinking repair by in kansas cityCompared to other concrete leveling methods, polyurethane leveling is more efficient, more economical, faster, more durable, and moisture-resistant. There is much less disruption with the process of polyjacking due to the fast curing time and injection method.

Not only does the process of polyjacking repair residential concrete settling and sinking, but many other places such as:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Shopping malls
  • Factories
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Theatres
  • Libraries
  • Concert halls
  • Sports arenas
  • Parking lots

Wherever there is sinking or settling concrete, the professionals at Polyjacking can help. We have the poly equipment and products to get the concrete back to its original level and keep it that way for many years to come.

Let the professionals at Polyjacking help you with your sinking and settling concrete in St. Louis, Kansas City, and all over the Midwest and South. Contact us today!

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