Foundation Piers

When you are faced with a damaged foundation, you may think your home or business is a lost cause. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Today's foundation repair experts can not only repair your home, but possibly make it stronger than ever. Earth Contact Products is the leader in foundation repair products and is proud to use their piers for your home repair needs.

Types of Piers Used for Foundation Repairs

Foundation piers Kansas City There are basically two types of piers, a steel push pier or a helical pier. Both piers are driven into the ground and anchored to your home, lifting the structure and providing stability. This method of repair is permanent, you won't have to call us back in a year to work on your home again.

Push Piers
Push piers are hydraulically driven through ECP's patented steel brackets until they reach load-bearing stratum. These piers offer unlimited structure lifting capabilities and install with portable equipment, No heavy machinery needs to be brought in, tearing up your grass and walkways. can install these push piers year-round, giving us the flexibility for a quick response to your repair needs. In addition, the piers can be installed from inside or outside your structure, depending on the situation.

Helical Piers
Like push piers, helical piers are hydraulically installed and anchored to a steel bracket, but that's about where the similarities end. Helical piers are screwed into the ground, the plates pulling the support rod into the ground. The installers will predetermine the torque needed to support the weight of your structure. Helical piers are ideal for lighter weight applications, such as decks and other light structures and install quickly.

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