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If you have noticed that your garage slab has become unlevel and is sinking, this is probably due to the soil beneath your garage slab. The soil in the Kansas City and St. Louis area is expansive soil, which means that it expands when wet and shrinks when dry. This shifting of the soil beneath the garage slab will cause the slab to shift and move and sink into any voids beneath the slab.

garage slab lifting and leveling kansas cityOther causes of settled or sinking garage slabs are:

  • If the soil was not properly compacted, it does not take long for the soil to settle and start forming voids underneath the slab.
  • Summer droughts cause moisture to evaporate from the soil causing the soil to shrink.
  • Improper downspout drainage can cause significant water saturation of an area and soil erosion. This will cause the slab to settle.
  • The cracks that form in the concrete due to settlement give water direct access to run beneath the slab causing further erosion.

All of these conditions only get worse as time goes on causing even more damage to your garage slab. When your garage slab falls victim to soil settlement it can put abnormal pressure on the concrete, cracking it or causing it to heave and creating the need for concrete repair.

Garage Slab Leveling Solutions was one of the first concrete lifting and leveling companies to utilize polyjacking technology to repair concrete slabs. Polyjacking is the method of injecting high-density polyurethane foam under the affected slab that needs to be lifted and leveled.

polyjacking garage slab St. LouisThe polyurethane foam expands to fill the voids and the garage slab is lifted and leveled to its original level.

  1. A small hole is drilled into the affected area of the garage slab.
  2. High-density polyurethane foam is injected into the hole.
  3. The foam expands to over 20 times its liquid volume to fill the entire void.
  4. As the foam expands, the garage slab is lifted and stabilized.
  5. The drilled holes are filled and the site is cleaned up.
  6. Due to the fast curing time, the garage slab is ready to use a few minutes after the repair is completed.

Don't let your sinking garage slab be ignored. The longer you wait to get the repair done, the more damage that will occur not only to the garage slab, but it can cause your foundation to become damaged.

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