Helical Piers in St. Louis, Kansas City

Polyjacking.com is proud to install helical piers made by Earth Control Products (ECP). Helical piers resemble giant screws that are hydraulically driven into the soil. Once the piers are secured, their brackets are mounted to your structure and the foundation is secured. They were originally designed to support lighthouses, which were usually constructed on saturated soil, as they are located near bodies of water.

Benefits of Helical Piers

Helical piers are ideal for lighter structures, such as decks or small additions. The plates, or helicals, on the piers pull the rods into the ground, as opposed to the weight of the structure pushing them into the firmer soil.

helical piers in St. Louis and Kansas CityThese piers are also used if the condition of the soil is known, as the installer is going to have to know how deep to drive them to reach a stable base. A torque test is used to determine if the helical pier has engaged in solid soil or if it needs to be driven deeper.

A disadvantage for helical piers is that they are usually supported by the same soil that may have been a cause for the damage to begin with. You also have to be careful of using helical piers if there is a danger of overloading or weight shifts, as the piers may buckle.

Helical piers can be installed very quickly, used immediately, and works well for lighter structures. Our professional installers will use the gathered data to determine the number of piers needed and where they should be placed around the structure to ensure the integrity of your home or business.

The foundation experts at Polyjacking.com will use quality engineering data and the latest foundation piers to determine the best method of returning your building's structural integrity. Don't hesitate to call us for any of your foundation repair needs.

Contact us today to learn more about ECP, helical piers, and other foundation repair services that Polyjacking.com offers.

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