Holes Under Concrete in St. Louis and Kansas City

ground penetrating radar for concrete holes in st. louisThe concrete in the St. Louis and Kansas City area can experience problems such as holes and voids beneath the concrete due to the changing moisture content in the soil beneath the concrete. The soil in this area is expansive which means that when it get overly saturated it will heave and expand and when dry, it will shrink. This causes holes to form beneath the concrete leading to the concrete to crack and settle into these holes.

Hole formation beneath concrete in Kansas City and St. Louis can also occur for several other reasons such as:

  • Erosion - Holes form due to erosion from excessive rainfall or melting snow which washes away the soil.
  • Hydrostatic pressure - Heavy precipitation can also lead to an increase in hydrostatic pressure in the soil.
  • Shifting soil - Soil beneath your concrete may shift for various other reasons causing holes to form beneath the concrete

For whatever reason that holes have formed beneath your concrete, the professionals in the division of Polyjacking.com at Pro Foundation Technology uses can help. We use Ground Penetrating Radar to detect underground holes. It is fast, accurate and inexpensive. GPR uses a high-frequency radar antenna and advanced signal software to accurately locate the holes underneath the concrete. GPR also detects embedded utilities, conduit, pvc, rebar and tension cables. This allows for an accurate detection as to where the voids are. GPR is less costly than x-ray detection.

GPR units are portable and provide an instant location. When the GPR accurately detects these voids, then the experts can start the repair process and get the holes filled and the concrete level and stabilized.

Hole Repair in Kansas City and St. Louis

holes under concrete surface repair kansas cityThe division of Polyjacking at Pro Foundation Technology uses high-density polyurethane foam to fill the holes beneath the concrete and level and stabilize it. Using polyurethane trucks with the right poly equipment, this method is relatively simple and much more cost effective than replacing concrete. This method includes:
  1. Drilling a small 5/8" hole in the affected concrete
  2. The polyurethane foam is injected into the hole into the void beneath the concrete. This polyurethane foam expands to completely fill the void
  3. The holes are filled and the site cleaned up
  4. Polyurethane foam has a short hardening time so the surface is immediately ready for use. The polyurethane material is impervious to water preventing future problems.

This method of void repair can be done in any place that is in need of concrete repair including:

  • Strip malls
  • Shopping malls
  • Apartment buildings
  • Parking lots
  • Sports arenas
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Airports
  • Factories
  • Amphitheatres

The professionals at Polyjacking.com are licensed contractors who specialize in lifting and stabilizing concrete. No matter what the size of the job, Polyjacking.com can get your concrete repaired with minimal disruption.

Polyjacking.com was established in 1978 and is a family owned and operated business. We have the experience and use the best products available for concrete repair. For any of your concrete repair needs, including hole filling beneath your concrete, we have the solutions for any size project at a lower cost than replacing your concrete. Contact us today!

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