Polyjacking vs. Other Methods

When it comes to void filling and concrete lifting, you have a few options to choose from. At Polyjacking.com we offer a polyurethane concrete leveling method called polyjacking. This method is designed to fill in voids that have formed under a concrete slab and raise the slab back to its position before it started to settle. But which option is best suited to repair a sinking foundation or level a sidewalk? The professionals at Polyjacking.com have the solution for your situation.

The Differences Between Polyjacking & Other Methods

It's important to know the differences between polyjacking and mudjacking, so you'll know the best repair method for your concrete leveling needs.


Mudjacking in Kansas City, MO and KSThe first step in mudjacking is to drill holes in the concrete slab. Holes are carefully drilled to achieve the maximum level of lift and maintain structural integrity. A cement grout slurry is then pumped through the holes and into the voids located beneath the concrete. Once the grout has filled the voids, it is pressurized to lift the slab hydraulically to the desired height. Once voids are filled, and the concrete is raised, the holes can be filled and the site cleaned up.

Mudjacking can be used in a variety of applications: sidewalks, patios, slabs, pool decks, and more. Pros of mudjacking include the strength that it offers the slab and the cost is lower than replacing concrete or polyjacking. The slurry used in mudjacking, however, is quite heavy, adding significant weight to the sub-base.


The steps in the polyjacking procedure are very much the same as those used in mudjacking. Polyurethane trucks and equipment are used for the installation process. First, holes are drilled in the slab, then the polyurethane foam is injected beneath the slab. Once the foam is injected, it expands to fill all of the little voids, gaps, and spaces underneath the concrete. The expansion of the polyurethane also allows it to compact the soil around it to prevent an unstable and sinking foundation in the future. Polyjacking can be used to raise the slab precisely within 10/1000th of an inch. Then the holes can be filled and the equipment removed.

Unlike mudjacking, the polyjacking procedure allows the slab to be used again almost immediately. The foam used in polyjacking does not offer quite as much tensile strength as mudjacking materials, but it is also much more lightweight.

Why Choose Polyjacking Over Other Methods?

Polyjacking in Kansas City and St. LouisThere are many reasons to opt for polyjacking over mudjacking for your concrete lifting needs:

  • More accurate (within 10/1000th of an inch)
  • Does not shrink over time
  • Lightweight material
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Moisture-resistant, won't erode
  • Fast curing time
  • Expands to fill voids
  • Requires smaller injection holes
  • More permanent solution

Even though polyjacking is slightly more expensive than other methods, it is a more permanent solution that is also more accurate, offers better water resistance, and fills voids. Call our concrete leveling experts for more information about polyjacking in the Kansas City area. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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